Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy Holidays / Christmas Sales Haul

I love Christmas! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying their holidays.  

Since I am a university student my holidays are ridiculously long- six weeks.  C'mooon!  
But that basically that means that I am busy spending money. 


Here's the haul:

I was surprisingly restrained this year.  Mainly because I have no other money for the rest of the year until my birthday in July, so I wanted to save some.  

I actually did a lot of my sales shopping on Christmas eve.  We headed into Belfast on the 24th after everyone warned us not to, saying it would be hoaching etc.  But it was surprisingly dead.  AND the sales had started. 

Double win. 

Green Stripy Shorts:

These were a great little find in a great boutique called Liberty Blue.  These bad boys were down from £35 to £15. 
Pretty happy with that. 

Styling them with another part of the haul- Printed Vest: 
This was originally a men's XL printed tee, but when I got it home the scissors came out to make it into this slashed vest. 
It was an absolute steal at £5 down from £18.  Would totally hunt out River Island's mens section for tops to slash up.  Great for wearing with leggings or just casually like above.  If anyone is interested in a tutorial I could do one for slashing- either for vests, tees or just making the big tees a bit more feminine in general.  

Next we hit up Urban Outfitters and I got these: 
High Waisted Skirt:
This is such a cute little skirt- yellow daisies on a navy background.  
This was £30 down to £15, so once again happy with that. 

My only complaint / advice for this skirt would be the sizing:  order big.  This is a Large and it is actually pretty small considering.  I would say I am almost pushing it, which I'm definitely not in other brands.  So watch out for that if you are considering buying it.  Although it's still a really cute skirt and you can dress it up or down.  

And the Burgundy Aztec Printed Tee: 
Here's a better picture of it. 
This is a longer top, which I love since I'm tall!  
The capped sleeves and curved cut of the bottom make it really flattering.  Plus who doesn't like a bit of Aztec?  
This was another £15 down from £30, which I'm happy to pay for a decent quality soft tee. 

It's so easy to style- tucked in or out.  And it probably long enough to wear with leggings which is another plus.  

Now on to my favourite buy... 
Floral Peplum Shirt: 
My favourite buy by miles.  Also my first anything in the peplum style, I was a bit wary of it because of the shorter length and high neck.  But it just looks great on!  
I love the floral print, it's so vintagey and looks like it's embroidered rather than printed.  
Absolutely lovely find from Liberty Blue again, this wasn't in the sale but I had to get it- £44.  

Here I have teamed it with my Black Milk Ancient Maps Legs, which it works surprisingly well with.  

Anyway that's a quick little post about my sales haul so far.  

Check out my instagram - kathrynisi

I may have sneakily also bought a swim from CM in her sale, which is still going on here
So when I get it I will do another update.  

The Jack Wills sale is also calling to me, but trying to be good.  

On a Black Milk note I have now successfully managed to convince myself that I do not need any limited items.  My bank card is screaming for joy right now.  
I'm absolutely gutted about missing the Egypt legs, they just seemed to fly away.  

Sad face. 

Rightio I am off 


Casual CM Styling

CM casual styling.  

Another post about CM styling.  The previous ones are herehere and here

Check out CM here
M.M Hall Photography is here

For this look we kept it nice and casual.  
My hair looks appalling from the rain, hence the messy bun. 

CM custom dress, with M.M Hall's photo on it 

Black Blazer

Illustrated People vesty top.  This is another British brand which has so many great tops; great for pairing with leggings.  Really great prints, so check them out. 

Suspender tights 

Black Chelsea Tights 

Only a few photos from today- rain etc. 
Not good craic at all!

I'm so ill.  
So so whiny 

K xx

Friday, 28 December 2012

CM Styling- All Dressed Up On A Country Road

Well hello there another shoot: 

This is another competition entry for the lovely British brand CM (who happens to have a cheeky wee sale on right now- check it out) 

I have made a previous couple of posts about CM, you can read them here and here.
I went for an urban look and then more of a heritage / country look.  

The prints are great and so versatile!  So easy to style for pretty much any occasion, and let's be honest the more places one can wear tight nylon the better!  

I've got to admit that this wasn't the funnest to shoot; thanks to the Northern Irish weather it was really rainy and misty.  Plus I have The Worst Cold Ever so was pretty whiny.  

D-D-Details / Photos: 


Sunday, 23 December 2012

CM Heritage Styling [plus dog]

Today I did this:  

This is heritage styling of my CM printed dress.  For more details you can check out a previous blog post of mine where I talk about the brand which is here.  

But basically CM is a British brand set up by Milton Keynes girl Claire Maley focussing on quirky printed items.  Look at her facebook if you wish :)  

The dress is a custom print when she did a custom run a wee while ago.  I love it!  It's one of my boyfriend's photos from when we were in Venice.  If you want to see his photography website it is here

Now on to the rest of the shoot: 

My instagram is kathrynisi, will update it shortly. 

The look was made up of: 
-CM printed dress
- Tweed shooting jacket
- Fur hat
- Vintage silk scarf
- Fleece lined tights, because it's a cold cold day today
- Hunter wellies 
And of course featuring the lovely springer spaniel Tess.  Me and Tess have an odd relationship, she doesn't quite know if she likes me because I am a girl.  And she is the boy's dog through and through.  But I throw sticks for her so it's cool, we're getting there.  



Friday, 21 December 2012

CM Urban Styling

This was an urban look for that I did today in a tunnel in Larne.  Fun to shoot although it had to be done super quickly because the light was disappearing and we only had one lens and no kit with us.   

The dress is a custom print from the awesome new British brand CM.  CM was set up by fashion graduate Claire Maley this year.  She mainly sells her own awesome designs but every so often she does custom runs.  I got this dress and another in a previous custom run.  You can find her here

Her prints are really unique and different.  As well as the dresses I have being very comfortable and great quality.  The dresses are slightly longer than you expect, which I love!  Considering I am a tall bean.  Overall I think they are cut very well to be really flattering.   

Now on to the print.  The photo is one of my boyfriend's, he's trying to make a go at this photography business, so you can check him out here.  He's based in Northern Ireland if there is any need for him or to set up shoots :)  This is a HDR image from when we were in Venice (yaaay), so I like it: great photo and great memories! 

Now the Styling and photos: 

Going for the urban look: 
-CM custom dress  
- Denim shirt 
-black tights / black chelsea boots combo 
I was going to team it with green studded beanie hat and then fishtail my braid.  But then I was lazy and the boy said the hat looked funny.  So I didn't wear it.  

That's all from me.  You should definitely check out CM and M.MHall :)  I have a few more looks to style while I am over in Northern Ireland, CM has a competition on for styling right now so I want to get a few more done.  I'm thinking: heritage, going out and casual.   

Rightio I'm off, 

K xx

OOTD Black Milk and many many books.

Today I am going to hit you up with my OOTD 21/12/20112-  Black Milk Great Waves dress styled for winter - and my self inflicted task which is taking over my life.  This is reading the list of 1001 Novels to Read Before You Die, reading reviews on them and then adding them to my Amazon Wishlist.  For an OCD crazy person like me list reading / making and the associated fun is unending.  


Made up of: 
BM Great Waves Dress 
And then the very complex / crazy high fashion-  Ralph Lauren Grey Cable Knit Jumper.  Making the combo: 
This dress is great for layering up withe shirts and jumpers because the print is so iconic and situated at the bottom of the dress so it's handy.  

Now on to this book business: 

This is the biggest list in the world.  It is very intimidating and super long.  
I have warned you and here it is: so so long

And so I am going through this list and reading reviews on Amazon then adding books to my already scary long wish list.
Which happens to be conveniently here.  Look at that.  If anyone wants to buy me these books that is allowed.  All okay! 

Right I'm awaaaaay! 

Black Milk Cyber Monday Haul!

So my Black Milk Cyber Monday order came via my Smuggle Mummy!  
So keep reading if you want to hear me rave about stretchy sexy nylon!  If not then we'll part our ways now.  

A wee while ago BM did a completely crazy sale, I mean smashed the prices in half.  It was insane, stressful yet so very good.   But I was very restrained and only bought three pieces (also bullied the boy into buying me some). 

The haul: 

Hex Legs! 
These look so good in real life.  I was slightly wary about the lightness of the leggings but because there's so many colours but in a uniform print it still looks great.  

Ancient Map Legs!
The fit is quite tight compared to all my other BM legs, they have changed the fit slightly making the knees and ankles 1 cm tighter.  The knees is okay but the ankles make it super tricky to get on... so awkward times. 
But they are nice and different, actually more flattering than you would think. 

Wallpaper Black Legs! 
These are definitely the most low key and wearable legs from the haul I would say.  However the print is actually kind of blurry / pixalated on them.  Which I was a bit disappointed with when up close.  I thought it would just be the inverted print of the White Wallpaper print but my white dress is super clear.  And this isn't.   Sad face.  Still love them though.  

Roses Black Legs!
 These were the ones from the boy.  He's liked the print for a while and now I have it I really like it too.  It's different and detailed and quite cool, so always a winner with me! 

That's my mini haul, so I'm very happy with them.  But now I want to feed the addiction even more!  

My current wants from the shop are: 
Ancient Map dress: 
I'm hooked on that print now!

Egypt Legs: 
Liquid Silver Suspenders:
Maybe, or I might wimp out of them :P 

Spartan Liquid Silver Leggings:
But since it's Christmas let's try and save some pennies! 
As always instagram: kathrynisi


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Grumble Grumble + CHRISTMAS

Today's post is a grumble.  
No pretty pictures or nice projects but a grumble.  

I am grumbling because the picture I was using for reference for my December Photo Challenge has disappeared!  It's shocking I know; there were tears, despair and a little tantrum when I discovered that the cyberspace has swallowed my picture. 

So then I went in a great big huff and refused to take any more December Challenge photos- yes this wasn't really an individual choice but I was certainly indignant so let's call it a huff.  

No more December Photos :( 

But exams are finished!  Yay! 
I'm going home tomorrow and can't wait, it's the first time since coming to uni that I actually am excited to be going home.  

My Christmas Plans So Far: 


Sunday, 9 December 2012

December Photo Challenge Catch Up / Me Talking About How Much I Like Dead Things...

So you know what is happening.  
Photo A Day 
Instagram - kathrynisi

The rules are down there somewhere.  

Big catch up! 

After my refusal to do Day 4 on ethical grounds we are on Day 5:

Make up! 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

OOTD & Lovely Sally New Release! [Plus Sizing Tips]

Yesterday was the release of the End of the World Collection from Lovely Sally   

And I must say it did not disappoint!  

In the spirit of release day my OOTD was: 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December Photo Challenge #3 #4 And Christmas Party Dress


So to continue with this photo challenge malarkey here is Day3- 
This is a BLANKET
Shocking I know, and not exactly inspiring.  This is currently my bed, complete with IR textbooks and my furry blanket. 
Had this blanket for years and it follows me around wherever I go, it's great! 

And Day4


Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Photo Challenge #1 #2

So I am going to be doing the December Photo Challenge ( #decemberphotochallenge ) on Instagram ( kathrynisi).  And I thought I could post it on here as well to get me into this blogging business.  

Because I am only starting this on the 2nd I am going to dive in.  


Thursday, 29 November 2012

29/11/2012 OOTD and Tips For Black Milk Dress Sizing / Buying

OOTD - I have since done an updated post about this which is far far better, and you can see it here.

Today my outfit was based around: 





This really should be quite interesting.  I'm just going to fling myself whole-heartedly at the internet through the medium of the blog.  

The Basics: 

At St Andrews University studying International Relations and Middle East Studies 
35mm Film Photography Attempter

I enjoy style, and loads of different ones- influences and creativity! 

So this blog thing:

I don't really have a structure / plan / theme for this.  
Just going to take it and see how it goes- so expect a variety.  

Let's be honest this is a pretty amateur effort- I even based my font choice on the basis I am going to wear my Black Milk Helvetica leggings tomorrow.  Yes I am that fickle.

I'm going to publish this now and we'll see how it develops in the next wee while and see if I can get any real direction.  I probably won't (see above for prior mention "fickle"), I like different things and take different notions now and then. 

Up there ^ is an old school selfie- taken with my 35mm.  So much love for it!  
It's just so fun to shoot with, and really makes you think about what you are doing.  Definitely a tool for good decision making and learning.  
Oh and so much cheaper than forking out on a DSLR set up, I have a great camera body and three lenses (one prime) to play with! 

I'm off now, it's pretty late here and the blog thing is a large part procrastination for me.  Had a class test today- eep.  Exams are so soon- bigger eep!  

End of stress- bye!


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