This really should be quite interesting.  I'm just going to fling myself whole-heartedly at the internet through the medium of the blog.  

The Basics: 

At St Andrews University studying International Relations and Middle East Studies 
35mm Film Photography Attempter

I enjoy style, and loads of different ones- influences and creativity! 

So this blog thing:

I don't really have a structure / plan / theme for this.  
Just going to take it and see how it goes- so expect a variety.  

Let's be honest this is a pretty amateur effort- I even based my font choice on the basis I am going to wear my Black Milk Helvetica leggings tomorrow.  Yes I am that fickle.

I'm going to publish this now and we'll see how it develops in the next wee while and see if I can get any real direction.  I probably won't (see above for prior mention "fickle"), I like different things and take different notions now and then. 

Up there ^ is an old school selfie- taken with my 35mm.  So much love for it!  
It's just so fun to shoot with, and really makes you think about what you are doing.  Definitely a tool for good decision making and learning.  
Oh and so much cheaper than forking out on a DSLR set up, I have a great camera body and three lenses (one prime) to play with! 

I'm off now, it's pretty late here and the blog thing is a large part procrastination for me.  Had a class test today- eep.  Exams are so soon- bigger eep!  

End of stress- bye!