OOTD Black Milk and many many books.

Today I am going to hit you up with my OOTD 21/12/20112-  Black Milk Great Waves dress styled for winter - and my self inflicted task which is taking over my life.  This is reading the list of 1001 Novels to Read Before You Die, reading reviews on them and then adding them to my Amazon Wishlist.  For an OCD crazy person like me list reading / making and the associated fun is unending.  


Made up of: 
BM Great Waves Dress 
And then the very complex / crazy high fashion-  Ralph Lauren Grey Cable Knit Jumper.  Making the combo: 
This dress is great for layering up withe shirts and jumpers because the print is so iconic and situated at the bottom of the dress so it's handy.  

Now on to this book business: 

This is the biggest list in the world.  It is very intimidating and super long.  
I have warned you and here it is: so so long

And so I am going through this list and reading reviews on Amazon then adding books to my already scary long wish list.
Which happens to be conveniently here.  Look at that.  If anyone wants to buy me these books that is allowed.  All okay! 

Right I'm awaaaaay!