CM Heritage Styling [plus dog]

Today I did this:  

This is heritage styling of my CM printed dress.  For more details you can check out a previous blog post of mine where I talk about the brand which is here.  

But basically CM is a British brand set up by Milton Keynes girl Claire Maley focussing on quirky printed items.  Look at her facebook if you wish :)  

The dress is a custom print when she did a custom run a wee while ago.  I love it!  It's one of my boyfriend's photos from when we were in Venice.  If you want to see his photography website it is here

Now on to the rest of the shoot: 

My instagram is kathrynisi, will update it shortly. 

The look was made up of: 
-CM printed dress
- Tweed shooting jacket
- Fur hat
- Vintage silk scarf
- Fleece lined tights, because it's a cold cold day today
- Hunter wellies 
And of course featuring the lovely springer spaniel Tess.  Me and Tess have an odd relationship, she doesn't quite know if she likes me because I am a girl.  And she is the boy's dog through and through.  But I throw sticks for her so it's cool, we're getting there.