Grumble Grumble + CHRISTMAS

Today's post is a grumble.  
No pretty pictures or nice projects but a grumble.  

I am grumbling because the picture I was using for reference for my December Photo Challenge has disappeared!  It's shocking I know; there were tears, despair and a little tantrum when I discovered that the cyberspace has swallowed my picture. 

So then I went in a great big huff and refused to take any more December Challenge photos- yes this wasn't really an individual choice but I was certainly indignant so let's call it a huff.  

No more December Photos :( 

But exams are finished!  Yay! 
I'm going home tomorrow and can't wait, it's the first time since coming to uni that I actually am excited to be going home.  

My Christmas Plans So Far: 

Go hooooome 

Then go to the manfriend's house over Christmas in Northern Ireland.  This will be my first Christmas not at home so I am a little scared.  It seems a little grown up and all those other scary things.  

Then come home and have a catch up with some friends.  

Hogmanay!  Don't have any solid plans yet but I'm really keen to stay in and not go out.  I just want it to be more personal and chilled.  So I am thinking either house party and there's the possibility of a murder mystery party floating about.  Which should be awesome since I have never been to one before. 

Then it's my Uncle's birthday and he's basically taken over an estate house for a week and we are all going to drop in over the time and hang out.  So that should be really good; thinking about it's a really good plan considering Mum's side of the family is HUGE.  There's a good few of us and it will be great to catch up with everyone. 

Then off to Hanover for some trainign shoudl be awesome and get me back into the way of things. 

Then home and training/ chill out times 

Then get packed for coming back up to uni. 

Then I have a competition in The Hague in the Netherlands, I really like this competition because there's loads of chances to compete and I get to see my Uncle (not really my uncle but I call him that) and he feeds me.  Which is always fun and he's a proper laugh. 

Then straight back up to uni and back into things since I will miss week one of the semester in The Hague. 

So buzzed for Christmas, this is the first year we have exams before the winter break so the whole freedom thing is kind of new to me.  I am loving it though!  It's actually a bit ridiculous how long we get off - six weeks, I know!  But should be so good.  

Right that's my battery warning light came on in the corner so I will disappear, now that I have essentially used a blog to pan the next month and a half of my life.  Life planning... Yay. 

And I know I said no pictures but: 



Aaaargh! Kxx