29/11/2012 OOTD and Tips For Black Milk Dress Sizing / Buying

OOTD - I have since done an updated post about this which is far far better, and you can see it here.

Today my outfit was based around: 


This was my first ever BM dress, I bought it right before it sold out and haven't regretted it.  The print is really flattering and so interesting.  

So this was the basics of my OOTD was the dress, tights and black chelsea boots.  But then I got chilly so I added a black cardi. 
THEN a hoodie. 
THEN my tweed hunting jacket (it really was cold) 
THEN scarf - hat - glove combo 

My tips for buying Black Milk dresses: 

USE THE SIZE GUIDE - it does work.  And although you might get a size that seems totally tiny it will fit! 
I'm a medium - this is a M - and I was having a bit of a fat day so when I bought my Great Waves Dress I got a Large.  Such a mistake! I get the dreaded duck bum and it makes me look bigger than the M, but I still wear it because it's smexy :)

WHEN IN DOUBT SIZE DOWN - like above I feel like I should be a L, and on the size guide I am between S, M and L for different things.  M is definitely the way forward. 
To put it into proportion for you I am/have:
- 5'11 
- big boobies
- nothing near a flat tummy 
So it can still look good even when you don't have a perfect body! 

BEWARE OF RIDE UP - it happens.  The dress will ride up, I tend to get in an awkward situation of it riding up, me pulling down and so yo-yoing between bum out then boobs out.  Especially since it's already quite short on me and most of me is legs.  
I combat it by wearing a black shaping slip under it (mine was from La Senza- it's great I have two.  The slip is great because it smoothes me out; making me look better and feel so much better AND when the dress rides up there's nothing on show because I've essentially got a little black dress on underneath.

That's all from me today, going to do some reading on ethical theory in international relations now... sounds thrilling I know! 



  1. I really want a black milk dress for a night out but i don't want to be dancing and have my arse out. Do they really ride up badly?

    1. I'm afraid so :P But tights and a slip / control dress underneat do help!

  2. Thanks for the sizing advice! Very helpful for my first BM order, being placed now...


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