OOTD & Lovely Sally New Release! [Plus Sizing Tips]

Yesterday was the release of the End of the World Collection from Lovely Sally   

And I must say it did not disappoint!  

In the spirit of release day my OOTD was: 

 You may have already seen this on my Instagram (kathrynisi if you want) 
This was: 
Lovely Sally Enchanted Forest Leggings [Here is the updated new fancy HD versions] 
Jack Wills "Dress" - using the term dress here very loosely obviously... since it doesn't cover much.  But is a lovely tunic type.  It's from years ago so no link.  
Primark floral print cardigan 

I love my LS leggings- 
- we get great designs
- lovely cut of leggings 
- they are long enough for tall people like me! 
- very comfortable waist band 
- no customs since comign from within the EU! 

So on to the new release:  

Highlights for me have got to be: 
These bad boys
The Chaak Leggings are amazing!  Such great colours and dimensions, definitely not a flat image.  Find them here

Next in my top 3 have got to be: 
The Calendar Skirt [here]  Love the Mayan - Aztec - general apocalyptic feel you really get from the whole collection.  Such a fun design. 

Last highlight has to  be
Love the Judicum Extremum Leggings!  Thee are such an intricate design, and I like how it looks like a gothic / medieval inscription or manuscript.  Just really great!  They are here

It was also great to see more swimsuits from LS and the first dress!  The new stay-ups look great too but not sure how I would style them.  

And special shout out to the Laotian Dusk swim, which isn't in this collection but still a new release.   
Cannot wait to get it!  Although I would quite like to see it on a different body shape before I buy.  It's sooo nice!  And is right here 

My LovelySally Sizing Tips: 

Easy if you buy Black Milk- get  your same size, maybe size down if you have a smaller waist than your size as the waistbands are very comfortable.  I know a few girls sized down because of this.  

Use the sizing chat!  Really handy.  

I'm a UK 12 [plus boobs] and I am a M in legs and skirts.  I'm yet to buy a swim or dress but I think I would go for a L swim for length and M dresses.  But we will see! 

That's all today, back to Classical Arab Architecture!