December Photo Challenge Catch Up / Me Talking About How Much I Like Dead Things...

So you know what is happening.  
Photo A Day 
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The rules are down there somewhere.  

Big catch up! 

After my refusal to do Day 4 on ethical grounds we are on Day 5:

Make up! 

So up there we have my two brushes- 
Body Shop Foundation Brush 
Virgin Vie Blush Brus
Mac something or other (Studio Fix maybe?) 
Burts Bees Lip Balm - love this 
Benefit Erase Paste - just starting it, no verdict yet
Benefit Blush in Coralista - definitely a fan of this 
Lancome something Mascara - always always wear Lancome mascara 
Jack Wills Lipstick - in what I like to call whore red.  Such a great colour, especially since I'm so pale.  And it's blue based so makes my teeth look whiter! 
And a cheapy eyeliner since I lost my Benefit one :( 

Day 6 - BOOTS 

I love me my boots! Moda im Pelle.  My Dad got me these last year for Christmas (as in I was given money and told to buy myself "a decent pair of boots") and these are great.  ALWAYS spend as much as possible on boots, if you spend as much as you can afford you will really notice the difference- in comfort and how long they last for.  Great boots are such a staple for me.  

Day 7 - Weather 
Another no go I'm afraid.  But just because it is pitch dark outside right now. 
And I am NOT opening that door :P

Day 8 - Pets 
I went a bit morbid on this one.  So be warned.  

It's a dead bat! 
I love this picture. 
I have no pets right now by the way, it's not like I keep a carcass in my room.  
So I found this lad by the front step a few weeks ago, and I was super excited (a morbid person I know, I think it's because you can't kill them - £5000 fine- and it's pretty much the only thing in the countryside we can't kill.  PLUS we have a huge colony- two colonies actually - at the house). 
Anyway, I was very excited, phoned the Mother- she thought it was cool.  Phoned the boyfriend- he did not.  
So of course, went and grabbed the trusty 35mm film camera.  And I knew I had b&w film in it so just got as close as I dared and took it with the 50mm lens on. 
I got the fright of my life when the shutter closed- since it's an old camera it actually has a nice proper shutter sound.  None of your Canon shite.  
So the shutter went, the bat jumped up!  SO SCARY- like I'm inches away, there is no zoom.  It is a fixed prime lens! 

So technically this is a picture of a dying bat.  But it did die later, when I took another picture (I was really excited okay) with my film disposable I poked it a bit with a stick and it was definitely dead.  So sad.  But so very cool. 

Love things like that, like for my Duke of Edinburgh award I wanted to do taxidermy as my skill and mum wouldn't let me... had to do shooting (my actual sport) instead :(  


Two birthdays ago my Dad and I went to antique showroom to find me a present and it was a genuine toss up between a taxidermied baby fucking CROCODILE (kid you not, this was a sexy mofo) and a box.  I went with the box but only because I collect antique boxes and the croc was in kind of bad condition =/  Dad says he'll look out for other cool taxidermy things for me though. 

Well all this talk of dead things certainly got me excited didn't it....?  Oh dear.  
Well bed time. 
And I WIILL be in the library for 10 (ish) tomorrow.