Happy Holidays / Christmas Sales Haul

I love Christmas! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying their holidays.  

Since I am a university student my holidays are ridiculously long- six weeks.  C'mooon!  
But that basically that means that I am busy spending money. 


Here's the haul:

I was surprisingly restrained this year.  Mainly because I have no other money for the rest of the year until my birthday in July, so I wanted to save some.  

I actually did a lot of my sales shopping on Christmas eve.  We headed into Belfast on the 24th after everyone warned us not to, saying it would be hoaching etc.  But it was surprisingly dead.  AND the sales had started. 

Double win. 

Green Stripy Shorts:

These were a great little find in a great boutique called Liberty Blue.  These bad boys were down from £35 to £15. 
Pretty happy with that. 

Styling them with another part of the haul- Printed Vest: 
This was originally a men's XL printed tee, but when I got it home the scissors came out to make it into this slashed vest. 
It was an absolute steal at £5 down from £18.  Would totally hunt out River Island's mens section for tops to slash up.  Great for wearing with leggings or just casually like above.  If anyone is interested in a tutorial I could do one for slashing- either for vests, tees or just making the big tees a bit more feminine in general.  

Next we hit up Urban Outfitters and I got these: 
High Waisted Skirt:
This is such a cute little skirt- yellow daisies on a navy background.  
This was £30 down to £15, so once again happy with that. 

My only complaint / advice for this skirt would be the sizing:  order big.  This is a Large and it is actually pretty small considering.  I would say I am almost pushing it, which I'm definitely not in other brands.  So watch out for that if you are considering buying it.  Although it's still a really cute skirt and you can dress it up or down.  

And the Burgundy Aztec Printed Tee: 
Here's a better picture of it. 
This is a longer top, which I love since I'm tall!  
The capped sleeves and curved cut of the bottom make it really flattering.  Plus who doesn't like a bit of Aztec?  
This was another £15 down from £30, which I'm happy to pay for a decent quality soft tee. 

It's so easy to style- tucked in or out.  And it probably long enough to wear with leggings which is another plus.  

Now on to my favourite buy... 
Floral Peplum Shirt: 
My favourite buy by miles.  Also my first anything in the peplum style, I was a bit wary of it because of the shorter length and high neck.  But it just looks great on!  
I love the floral print, it's so vintagey and looks like it's embroidered rather than printed.  
Absolutely lovely find from Liberty Blue again, this wasn't in the sale but I had to get it- £44.  

Here I have teamed it with my Black Milk Ancient Maps Legs, which it works surprisingly well with.  

Anyway that's a quick little post about my sales haul so far.  

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I may have sneakily also bought a swim from CM in her sale, which is still going on here
So when I get it I will do another update.  

The Jack Wills sale is also calling to me, but trying to be good.  

On a Black Milk note I have now successfully managed to convince myself that I do not need any limited items.  My bank card is screaming for joy right now.  
I'm absolutely gutted about missing the Egypt legs, they just seemed to fly away.  

Sad face. 

Rightio I am off