CM Styling- All Dressed Up On A Country Road

Well hello there another shoot: 

This is another competition entry for the lovely British brand CM (who happens to have a cheeky wee sale on right now- check it out) 

I have made a previous couple of posts about CM, you can read them here and here.
I went for an urban look and then more of a heritage / country look.  

The prints are great and so versatile!  So easy to style for pretty much any occasion, and let's be honest the more places one can wear tight nylon the better!  

I've got to admit that this wasn't the funnest to shoot; thanks to the Northern Irish weather it was really rainy and misty.  Plus I have The Worst Cold Ever so was pretty whiny.  

D-D-Details / Photos: 

The Dress 
Amazing custom print by CM.  Her original prints are awesome, and I'm eyeing up a couple as we speak!  Why oh why do I not have a money tree?  I find the cut really flattering and I don't feel self conscious at all in it.  
The custom is another picture by the boy.  The black and white scene is from a trip he went on to the Czech Republic, the town Pilsen is so lovely.  If you ever go to CZE don't just stay in Prague; go to Pilsen too!  It's smaller and had such a nice atmosphere- and don't forget the beer!  
Boy's photography page is here

I teamed the dress with a black blazer, suspender tights and some heels.  

My instagram is kathrynisi 

There's not many photos- because of the reasons above.
- rain 
- whiny 
- sniffles

I'm off,