December Photo Challenge #1 #2

So I am going to be doing the December Photo Challenge ( #decemberphotochallenge ) on Instagram ( kathrynisi).  And I thought I could post it on here as well to get me into this blogging business.  

Because I am only starting this on the 2nd I am going to dive in.  

Day 1: 

This is me.  Un-made up.  Still in the jammies.  Really trying to get into this revision mode.  
Exams so scary.  
So close 

Day 2:
This is the perfume that I am using right now.  Ted Baker, Limited Edition Skinwear.  
My Mum got me this last Christmas, and I have been using it for quite a while now- I really like it. 

It's quite a grown up scent, good for both day and night. 
Great for lasting throughout the day. 
Subtle but still a mature floral scent for your bodeh.  

My go to perfume areas are: 
Behind the ears for going out as well 

I would definitely recommend this perfume for people my age (19) and older, it's a nice mixture between light / younger scents and grown up musky ones.  So this is nice for people like me who don't want to smell like a bubblegum unicorn rainbow or a super serious sexy grown up.  

My past couple of perfumes were: 
CK ONE - okay, maybe a bit too mature for every day wear.  But nice for special occassions
Jack Wills (the original one) - smells amazing (so does the male one, just a little musky) but just doesn't stay on the skin.  If this could stay on longer, even half a day, this would be my amazing go to perfume 

Rightio, I'm off to read about Normative Theory! 
Will update soon!