CM Urban Styling

This was an urban look for that I did today in a tunnel in Larne.  Fun to shoot although it had to be done super quickly because the light was disappearing and we only had one lens and no kit with us.   

The dress is a custom print from the awesome new British brand CM.  CM was set up by fashion graduate Claire Maley this year.  She mainly sells her own awesome designs but every so often she does custom runs.  I got this dress and another in a previous custom run.  You can find her here

Her prints are really unique and different.  As well as the dresses I have being very comfortable and great quality.  The dresses are slightly longer than you expect, which I love!  Considering I am a tall bean.  Overall I think they are cut very well to be really flattering.   

Now on to the print.  The photo is one of my boyfriend's, he's trying to make a go at this photography business, so you can check him out here.  He's based in Northern Ireland if there is any need for him or to set up shoots :)  This is a HDR image from when we were in Venice (yaaay), so I like it: great photo and great memories! 

Now the Styling and photos: 

Going for the urban look: 
-CM custom dress  
- Denim shirt 
-black tights / black chelsea boots combo 
I was going to team it with green studded beanie hat and then fishtail my braid.  But then I was lazy and the boy said the hat looked funny.  So I didn't wear it.  

That's all from me.  You should definitely check out CM and M.MHall :)  I have a few more looks to style while I am over in Northern Ireland, CM has a competition on for styling right now so I want to get a few more done.  I'm thinking: heritage, going out and casual.   

Rightio I'm off, 

K xx