Black Milk Cyber Monday Haul!

So my Black Milk Cyber Monday order came via my Smuggle Mummy!  
So keep reading if you want to hear me rave about stretchy sexy nylon!  If not then we'll part our ways now.  

A wee while ago BM did a completely crazy sale, I mean smashed the prices in half.  It was insane, stressful yet so very good.   But I was very restrained and only bought three pieces (also bullied the boy into buying me some). 

The haul: 

Hex Legs! 
These look so good in real life.  I was slightly wary about the lightness of the leggings but because there's so many colours but in a uniform print it still looks great.  

Ancient Map Legs!
The fit is quite tight compared to all my other BM legs, they have changed the fit slightly making the knees and ankles 1 cm tighter.  The knees is okay but the ankles make it super tricky to get on... so awkward times. 
But they are nice and different, actually more flattering than you would think. 

Wallpaper Black Legs! 
These are definitely the most low key and wearable legs from the haul I would say.  However the print is actually kind of blurry / pixalated on them.  Which I was a bit disappointed with when up close.  I thought it would just be the inverted print of the White Wallpaper print but my white dress is super clear.  And this isn't.   Sad face.  Still love them though.  

Roses Black Legs!
 These were the ones from the boy.  He's liked the print for a while and now I have it I really like it too.  It's different and detailed and quite cool, so always a winner with me! 

That's my mini haul, so I'm very happy with them.  But now I want to feed the addiction even more!  

My current wants from the shop are: 
Ancient Map dress: 
I'm hooked on that print now!

Egypt Legs: 
Liquid Silver Suspenders:
Maybe, or I might wimp out of them :P 

Spartan Liquid Silver Leggings:
But since it's Christmas let's try and save some pennies! 
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