Tweed Mini

Tweed A line mini skirt kathryn liquid grain liquidgrain blogger street style

So there is an interesting story behind this tweed skirt...

Glossier Black Friday Haul

glossier haul make up beauty kathryn liquidgrain liquid grain

I know I'm kind of late to the Glossier party, I'm not completely sold on the brand yet but I'm now officially giving them a go!

Bath Christmas Market

bath christmas market 2017 liquidgrain liquid grain kathryn

Recently Matty and I fancied a little day trip from Oxford, so we decided to go to the Christmas market in Bath.

Hello from Hetty

dachshund puppy liquidgrain liquid grain kathryn hetty pink smile

Recently I thought to myself that you guys haven't heard from Hetty in a while - and as her adoring fans I thought you shouldn't miss out on this cuteness! 

Tarte Haul

tarte haul review blog liquid grain liquidgrain makeup beauty

Every once in a while Tarte run an awesome deal - you get to pick a whole make up look for only £50!

Walk in the Woods

winter walk scotland galloway forest liquid grain liquidgrain kathryn

Scotland has so many hidden gems, especially if you like the outdoors and exploring! 

How I Planned My Morocco Trip / 10 Day Morocco Itinerary

10 day morocco itinerary how i planned morocco fes marrakech

Since I've been posting my Morocco posts lately, I've been getting a few questions about the actual logistics of my trip so I thought I would write this post! 

YSL's Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

YSL's Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech garden liquidgrain liquid grain
One of my favourite places we went to in Marrakech was YSL's famous garden - Jardin Majorelle.


On to Marrakech 

Riad Les Yeux Bleus, Marrakech Review

Riad Les Yeux Bleus, Marrakech Review morocco liquid grain liquidgrain

I knew that after our road trip and camping in the Sahara we would want some luxury when we arrived in Marrakesh - so I booked Riad Les Yeux Bleus and I wasn't disappointed.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a crazy slice of Moroccan landscape - there are sheer cliffs, massive gorges, the highest of highs and then in between them is a sudden burst of life, a crazy bubble of village life!

Moroccan Kasbah

One of the most interesting stops we made on our Moroccan road trip was at this ancient kasbah.

Ouarzazate, Morocco

We spent the night in Ouarzazate - a small town between the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains.  It's a very cute town and really interesting because of the famous film sets which have been the home of some very famous films! 

Road Trip to Ouarzazate, Morocco

Once we left the Sahara desert we were back on the road, and we took in some amazing sights on our way to Ouarzazate for our next stop.

Palm Trees OOTD

Another Morocco fashion post - I know, what am I doing - I was on holiday months ago!  But I'm a grown up with a grown up job with deadlines so here we are!

A Night in the Sahara

night stars timelapse sahara morocco liquidgrain liquid grain

When we arrived in the desert from our roadtrip, first we settled into our hotel, had a shower and left our bags there.  Then we headed to the camels! 

Road Trip To The Desert

road trip to the desert morocco liquid grain liquidgrain kathryn

Following up on my previous Moroccan posts, in this post we're now on the road from Chefchaouen to the Sahara desert and the first part of our three day tour! 

Stripy Sundress

OOTD from Chefchaouen

One Simple Trick To Take Good Photos in Chefchaouen

how to take good photos in Chefchaouen morocco liquid grain liquidgrain

If you are going to the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen in Morocco I have one simple trick to take good photos there!

Dance Gear - Made To Order Review (Curvy Adult Ballet Dancer's Review)

Dance Gear Made To Order Review Leotard Liquid Grain Kathryn LiquidGrain

In the dance world I am not just curvy or even plus sized - I am essentially a BABY ELEPHANT.  And although I'm finding my adult ballet classes very welcoming of every ability and shape - the world of dancewear is NOT.

However, Dance Gear's made to order service is finally bridging this gap! 

Shower Products Empties

I have been saving my empty products for a couple of years now and I'm finally getting around to doing all of my related posts- this time about my shower products! 

Chefchaouen Photo Diary

chefchaouen blue city morocco liquidgrain liquid grain kathryn

I know that I'm way behind on blog posts, so I'm only now just getting around to sharing my Chefchaouen photo diary with you.

Tooth Whitening Products Empties

In the past couple of years I have tried a variety of different tooth whitening, non-abrasive options so I thought I should finally share my thoughts on them! 

El Hôtel Dar Terrae - AirBnB Review in Chefcaouen

El Hôtel Dar Terrae - AirBnB Review in Chefcaouen liquidgrain liquid grain

Following on from my review of the hotel in Fes, I thought I should also review our hotel in the Blue City of Chefcaouen which we booked through AirBnB.

Yellow in Chefchaouen

liquidgrain liquid grain kathryn chefchaouen morocco africa
Yellow was the perfect pop of colour against the beautiful blue streets of Chefchaouen!

Frilly OOTD

morocco fes fez ootd liquid grain liquidgrain blog blogger fashion
With the recent horrid weather I'm really missing our September break to Morocco.  I know I'm still sharing a tonne of stuff but I've not caught up yet and I have work, university and whole bunch of other adult stuff to get on with! 

On The Road, From Fes To Chefchaouen

morocco fes chefchaouen blue city liquid grain liquidgrain
When we were planning our trip to Morocco we planned our trip around visiting the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen.  However it's a pretty tiny town so we needed to think logistics.

Stripy Off The Shoulder (and best strapless bra ever) OOTD

liquidgrain liquid grain morocco fes fblogger ootd blogger
I used to run away from all things off the shoulder or anything that would require a strapless bra because I always thought strapless bras were horrendous contraptions.  However I think I've cracked it! 

Rating My Shampoo Empties

I have been collecting all my empties for the past couple of years and now I am finally getting around to sorting them out - now it's the different shampoos I've been using them which I've reviewed

Morocco - Fes Photo Diary

liquidgrain liquid grain blog fes fez tannery morocco travel blogger
Fes Photo Diary - see plenty more photos below 

White Dress in Fes, Morocco

liquidgrain liquid grain white dress fes fez morocco fashion blog

Quick OOTD from Fes in Morocco

Le Jardin des Biehn Review - Fes Hotel

liquidgrain liquid grain le jardin des biehn hotel review fes fez morocco

When we went to Morocco we treated ourselves to some nice hotels - we wanted a bit of luxury and we knew our pennies would go far in Morocco, so why not? 

The first place we stayed at was Le Jardin des Biehn in Fes so I thought I would review it for you. 

Massive Morocco Tour Video

As you might have noticed - recently we were in Morocco!  While we were there Matty and I were both snapping away with our cameras and shooting some video too. 

Edinburgh Secure Air Parks Airport Parking Review [and discount code]

A not very exciting but rather important aspect of travelling is what happens to your car when you are on holiday!  

Whilst we were in Morocco for ten days, Secure Airparks at Edinburgh offered to keep our car for us.  Although they didn't ask for a full blog post dedicated to them, I had such a good experience with them - and I always think a review is useful!

I've Updated My Wishlist!

In my efforts to try and be a better blogger now that I am back from Morocco  I have done a bit of a re-vamp here on Liquid Grain. 

Easy Venison Sausage Roll Recipe

This recipe isn't super fancy or culinary-ish but it is super tasty and amazingly easy! 

Thomas Tosh, Thornhill - Five Word Review

Amazing hot-choccy, well curated shop!

Scottish Beach Day (Supposedly Summer)

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So it's supposedly the end of summer, which I would assume would mean there would be some good days left - well I'm wrong!



Yellow doesn't suit me 

The Little Paris Bookshop Review

The Little Paris Bookshop is a charming novel by Nina George, so charming in fact that I have put together a little review for you. 

Kilnford Burger Night Review

Image may contain: food

As you might have seen on instagram recently, to celebrate National Burger Day, Matty and I went to Kilnford Farm Shop for their Burger Night.  

Summer Whites

Full disclosure, since taking these photos I have managed to destroy this dress

Wild Book Review

Image result for wild book

Well this is a bit of a mixed review, what did you think of Cheryle Strayed's memoir of her walk of the Pacific Crest Trail?

Suede Dress OOTD

Suede OOTD, all suede everything 

Palm Trees In The Rain

I got this dress a couple of weeks ago (when I got rather overexcited about the sun's brief appearance) and I love the palm print. 

Casual OOTD (and a short discussion on a variety of insecurities)

Okay, I must admit I'm not looking my best in this picture - it's not the most flattering outfit and I'm seriously squinting (it was deceptively bright okay?!). 

Oxford Polo

A couple of weeks ago Matty and I went to watch some polo at Kirtlington Polo Club just outside of Oxford and I vlogged and took some photos while we were there.

OOTD: Summer Trench and Chanel Dupes

Quick outfit update today, what are you wearing today?

Gin Haul: Eden Mill Botano

Following on from my post last week where I talked about my current gin desires, I decided to take the plunge and buy one gin from my list.

Summer Workwear OOTD

I know we seem to be through our peak June heatwave but I took these photos when it was super duper hot and I wanted to share them in case we (by some miracle) get another heat wave!

Sunny OOTD

It's another day so another sunny shorts outfit from me - I know you're sick of these set of photos in the field but I promise this is the last one!