Edinburgh Secure Air Parks Airport Parking Review [and discount code]

A not very exciting but rather important aspect of travelling is what happens to your car when you are on holiday!  

Whilst we were in Morocco for ten days, Secure Airparks at Edinburgh offered to keep our car for us.  Although they didn't ask for a full blog post dedicated to them, I had such a good experience with them - and I always think a review is useful!


The park is probably the closest car park to the airport (except from the airport parking itself).  Plus it is really easy to get to - the satnav took us straight to the gate!

How does it work?

The whole process is ridiculously simple - so simple in fact I thought we had got it wrong! 

When you pull up at the barrier at the gate, a numberplate scanner reads your plate - then once it matches it to your booking the barrier lifts. 

Park wherever you want then wait at one of the bus stops - taking your keys with you. 

The free bus arrives in about 5 minutes and takes you to the airport. 


When you get back, head to the bus stop at Edinburgh Airport (stance 9 in September 2017), jump on the bus and then jump in your car.  When you leave, the barrier will scan your number plate it and then you leave! 

Would I use it again? [links and discount code]

I would use Secure Air Parks at Edinburgh Airport again, particularly on longer trips or when the flight times are awkward.  Overall, it is pretty much my ideal scenario because it is easy with little to no human interaction!

If you would like to book the airport car park you can use the discount code LGGUK when booking online for 10% off which has no expiry date! 

*N.B. I do not get any reward or commission from the links in this post or use of the discount code - I'm just trying to be helpful!*