Road Trip to Ouarzazate, Morocco

Once we left the Sahara desert we were back on the road, and we took in some amazing sights on our way to Ouarzazate for our next stop.

Before we got on the road - here is our hotel on the side  of the Sahara! 

Before we got properly on the road our driver wanted to stop at a local date market- not an official stop on the tour but he fancied some dates!  It was a really interesting, totally authentic stop on our tour - pretty conservative so I made sure to cover up - and we tried plenty of dates!

 Then we hit the road!  One of my favourite sites to see were the oasis in the desert - although there are no rivers above the ground, the moisture in the soil makes all these lush oasis grow and in a flowing, river shape! 

Along the road we stopped at Todra Gorge - where I shot this look.  This is a go-to getaway for locals, to take in the amazing sites and relax in the water!  

We also stopped at a beautiful carpet house - which runs as a cooperative to ensure fair prices are paid to the women who make them.  If you are looking to buy - buy one here and not in the cities!