Summer Whites

Full disclosure, since taking these photos I have managed to destroy this dress

I wore this dress a couple of weeks ago to meet my friend for bottomless brunch in London - bottomless prosecco and tapas, what could go wrong?  I could go wrong, and I did - I dropped some meatball sauce down myself. 

Not too bad, I hear you say - well, then I made the fatal mistake.  Upon coming home, I sprayed it with a whole host of anti-stain products - and here's the kicker: I didn't put it in the wash until the next day! 

When I put it in the wash the next day it came out with a tonne of holes in it!  

Lesson learnt, RIP white dress I bought in a sale - although I think I am going to bring it out to Morocco for one last harrah before it gets sent to recycling!