Massive Morocco Tour Video

As you might have noticed - recently we were in Morocco!  While we were there Matty and I were both snapping away with our cameras and shooting some video too. 

I've not edited my videos yet (I'm mega busy at work and my MLitt has started again for the year), but Matty has been a super star and completed our first cut mega tour video. 

This video is more of a holiday video for the two of us to look back on - so it is really long and there is a lot of detail most people won't find interesting.  However some of you might prefer to watch a longer cinematic cut of our holiday so I thought I would put it up on YouTube and share it here. 

So I hope you like it, please leave any feedback for us down below because we're still learning.  Although this trip has finally convinced Matty to buy a stabilising device for his camera, so we should get better content soon! 


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