Happy Holidays / Christmas Sales Haul

I love Christmas! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying their holidays.  

Since I am a university student my holidays are ridiculously long- six weeks.  C'mooon!  
But that basically that means that I am busy spending money. 


Here's the haul:

I was sur…

Casual CM Styling

CM casual styling.  

Another post about CM styling.  The previous ones are herehere and here

Check out CM here
M.M Hall Photography is here

For this look we kept it nice and casual.  
My hair looks appalling from the rain, hence the messy bun. 

CM custom dress, with M.M Hall's photo on it 

Black Bla…

CM Styling- All Dressed Up On A Country Road

Well hello there another shoot: 

This is another competition entry for the lovely British brand CM (who happens to have a cheeky wee sale on right now- check it out) 

I have made a previous couple of posts about CM, you can read them here and here.
I went for an urban look and then more of a heritage / country look.  

The prints are great and so versatile!  So easy to style for pretty much any occasion, and let's be honest the more places one can wear tight nylon the better!  

I've got to admit that this wasn't the funnest to shoot; thanks to the Northern Irish weather it was really rainy and misty.  Plus I have The Worst Cold Ever so was pretty whiny.  

D-D-Details / Photos: 

CM Heritage Styling [plus dog]

Today I did this:  

This is heritage styling of my CM printed dress.  For more details you can check out a previous blog post of mine where I talk about the brand which is here.  

But basically CM is a British brand set up by Milton Keynes girl Claire Maley focussing on quirky printed items.  Look at…

CM Urban Styling

This was an urban look for that I did today in a tunnel in Larne.  Fun to shoot although it had to be done super quickly because the light was disappearing and we only had one lens and no kit with us.   

The dress is a custom print from the awesome new British brand CM.  CM was set up by fashion gra…

OOTD Black Milk and many many books.

Today I am going to hit you up with my OOTD 21/12/20112-  Black Milk Great Waves dress styled for winter - and my self inflicted task which is taking over my life.  This is reading the list of 1001 Novels to Read Before You Die, reading reviews on them and then adding them to my Amazon Wishlist.  F…

Black Milk Cyber Monday Haul!

So my Black Milk Cyber Monday order came via my Smuggle Mummy!  
So keep reading if you want to hear me rave about stretchy sexy nylon!  If not then we'll part our ways now.  

A wee while ago BM did a completely crazy sale, I mean smashed the prices in half.  It was insane, stressful yet s…

Grumble Grumble + CHRISTMAS

Today's post is a grumble.  
No pretty pictures or nice projects but a grumble.  

I am grumbling because the picture I was using for reference for my December Photo Challenge has disappeared!  It's shocking I know; there were tears, despair and a little tantrum when I discovered that the cyberspace has swallowed my picture. 

So then I went in a great big huff and refused to take any more December Challenge photos- yes this wasn't really an individual choice but I was certainly indignant so let's call it a huff.  

No more December Photos :( 

But exams are finished!  Yay! 
I'm going home tomorrow and can't wait, it's the first time since coming to uni that I actually am excited to be going home.  

My Christmas Plans So Far: 

December Photo Challenge Catch Up / Me Talking About How Much I Like Dead Things...

So you know what is happening.  
Photo A Day 
Instagram - kathrynisi

The rules are down there somewhere.  

Big catch up! 

After my refusal to do Day 4 on ethical grounds we are on Day 5:

Make up! 

OOTD & Lovely Sally New Release! [Plus Sizing Tips]

Yesterday was the release of the End of the World Collection from Lovely Sally   

And I must say it did not disappoint!  

In the spirit of release day my OOTD was: 

December Photo Challenge #3 #4 And Christmas Party Dress


So to continue with this photo challenge malarkey here is Day3- 
This is a BLANKET
Shocking I know, and not exactly inspiring.  This is currently my bed, complete with IR textbooks and my furry blanket. 
Had this blanket for years and it follows me around wherever I go, it's great! 

And Day4

December Photo Challenge #1 #2

So I am going to be doing the December Photo Challenge ( #decemberphotochallenge ) on Instagram ( kathrynisi).  And I thought I could post it on here as well to get me into this blogging business.  

Because I am only starting this on the 2nd I am going to dive in.