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Peplum Workwear

what to wear to work office wear peplum ootd liquidgrain liquid grain
"Hey Kathryn, now that you are doing this full time work business why don't you do some workwear related outfit posts?" 

Silent Sunday

Tilly at Sunset

tilly liquidgrainpets liquidgrain liquid grain cocker spaniel sunset gundog
I know who you guys have really been missing from my blogging hiatus- not me but the puppies!  So here are some gorgeous pictures of Tilly at sunset!

Casually Stripy

glencoe lookbook liquidgrain liquid grain blog ootd
I realise that instead of being a normal human being and explaining why I seemingly dropped off the face of the internet, blogosphere earth for the past several weeks I just came out of nowhere on Tuesday and posted a book review.  So I thought I should probably give you a little bit of an explanation before getting stuck into this outfit post!

Oscar Wilde Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Collection Haul and Review

Oscar Wilde is one of my favourite authors - I love The Portrait of Dorian Gray but my favourite play is The Importance of Being Earnest.  I love all the quick wit - Wilde is King of dialogue!  So when I was looking to expand my collection of beautiful Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics (Alice and Wonderland haul and review here) I decided to go with this Wilde edition! 

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Silent Sunday

Beach OOTD

beach ootd black milk clothing purple galaxy leggings lookbook outfit st andrews scotland liquid grain liquidgrain

Every September for the past four out of five years I've moved up to St Andrews to go to university, but not this year!  Instead I've graduated and I'm out in the big bad world!  So to celebrate I thought I would post this pretty casual outfit I wore when we were on the famous West Sands beach in St Andrews during Graduation Week!

Polphail - Scotland's Graffiti Ghost Village 2016

polphail scotland graffiti ghost village town liquid grain liquidgrain

Pollphail was built in the 1970s for oil workers who never moved in.  Everything was kitted out, even with kitchens and washing machines!  But everything has fell into disrepair and graffiti artists have moved in with a vengeance!

Silent Sunday

Black Milk Clothing Inside Out Dress - Golden Hour Photo Shoot

black milk clothing inside out dress golden hour liquidgrain liquid grain

Golden Hour is the perfect time to shoot, always!  The light is so soft and flattering, in fact this light was so good we didn't only take photos of me but also of Hetty- which you might have caught the photos from the other day (here if you missed them). 

3 Dachshund Personality Traits + Harvest Photo Shoot

As you know seasonal pet photo shoots are a thing in this household #noshame #noregrets But today this lovely photo shoot of Hetty in a crop field is also combined with my top three dachshund personality traits!

Vivienne Westwood x Alice in Wonderland Anniversary Edition Haul and Review

Vivienne Westwood and I have something in common, we both love Alice in Wonderland.  However she got to design a special cover for the 150th Anniversary of the story and I didn't!  But I did buy it, so I thought I would haul and review it for you!

Silent Sunday

Hôtel Vila de la Mar Review in Ste Marie de la Mer

When we travelled to the South of France earlier in the year we went to the beautiful town of Sainte Marie de la Mer in the Camargue region to enjoy the amazing nature and the gypsy festival (you can read my posts here).  

After spending two nights in beautiful countryside we moved into the town to the beautiful Hôtel Vila de la Mar.  I really enjoyed our stay there so I thought I would review it for you! 

The Elegance of the Hedgehog Book Review and Discussion

As a congratulations for graduating my Auntie gave me a book, it was one that I've had my eye on for ages but hadn't got around to buying it.  But now I have The Elegance of the Hedgehog and I've read it - actually while I was in France at the start of the summer, so I thought it was about time I did a little book review and discussion!

Housewarming Gift Guide

house-warming-gifts-housewarming-presents-gift-ideas-liquid grain- liquidgrain
This post is sponsored by Panasonic who asked me to put together this post on housewarming gift ideas! 

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Silent Sunday

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Why I'm Not Watching Your Instagram Stories (Sorry)

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Instagram Stories has caused a storm, it's totally shaken up the way we use social media and is treading on some other platform's toes (Snapchat we all feel for you)!  However I don't like it and I'm going to tell you why I'm not watching your Instagram stories (or anyone's, it's not personal I promise).

5 Word Reviews Of EVERY Country I've Visited

This post in collaboration with the Bolsover Cruise Club who asked me to think about travelling.  So I thought do that to the extreme and review all the countries I've been fortunate enough to visit but in just five words!

Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

I have been using my MAC Studio Fix Foundation for ages, so when I was nearing the end of it I wanted to try a completely different brand - Chanel!  After using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere for just over a month here is my review of it!

Silent Sunday

5 Mega Adventures On My Bucket List

This post is in collaboration with Trek America who asked me to think about the travel I want to do, so I thought I would construct this post around 5 mega adventures on my bucket list. 

8 Pet Photography Tips & Dachshund Woodland Photo Shoot

pet photography tips dachshund photo shoot dog liquidgrain liquid grain
I know what you are all thinking, "Kathryn, I would really like to see more pictures of your dachshund puppy Hetty- the pictures you post on your instagram and her OWN instagram (@liquidgrainpets) are just not enough.  Give me more!"

Well I am here to do just that for you- more Hetty the dachshund pictures, more cuteness and all in a woodland setting!  In addition to the bundle of cuteness I will also be sharing my top tips for pet photography and how we get pictures of both Hetty and Tilly the cocker spaniel. 

The Heart of Darkness - Book Club / Review

You may remember that I used to do more regular book reviews / book club style of posts and videos on YouTube, but it's been ages!  And now I'm finally getting around to doing this one focused on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. 

Silent Sunday

Summer Holiday Playlist

This post is in collaboration with HMV, who carry a great selection of vinyls which are perfect for summer! 

They asked me to share my summer holiday playlist and you have to promise not to judge my pretty cringe taste in music...

St Marie de la Mer Photo Diary

st marie de la mer photo diary liquid grain liquidgrain blog
More South of France photos!  I know, I'm terrible person for spamming you but I have pretty photos and I am way behind on posts.  So here is a my photo diary from the very picturesque town of St Marie de la Mer. 

Singl-end Cafe - Bakehouse, Glasgow Review

singl-end cafe bakehouse glasgow scotland review liquid grain liquidgrain

Singl-end Cafe and Bakehouse in Glasgow is a quirky, retro style cafe near the Glasgow School of Art with delicious brunch and lunch choices, even better cakes and plenty of gluten-free and vegan options to choose from.  

Silent Sunday

Creatures of the Camargue

camargue horses horse white liquid grain liquidgrain sunset kathryn
The area of the Camargue in the South of France is ridiculously beautiful, however it also is home to many wonderful animals!  

Graduation Pictures- The University of St Andrews

As I mentioned a little while ago (here) I recently graduated from the University of St Andrews (eek), so I thought I would share a couple of pictures from it now! 

Wedding OOTD - Navy Dress and Crocodile Bag (VIDEO)

A wee while ago I went to a wedding, so I thought I would share my outfit with you- featuring a navy lace dress and my antique crocodile bag!

Silent Sunday

The Gypsy Festival at Ste Marie de la Mer, France

While I was recently in St Marie de la Mer in France we planned our visit to coincide with the gypsy festival.  So I thought I would tell you a little but about it and share my photos.

5 Things To Do On A Rainy Summer Day

This post is in collaboration with the web series Reverse Engineers. 

Although it's now supposedly summer, noone seems to have told the weather that!  Although we initially had a spate of good weather, it's shifted back to cold and rain!  So I thought I would put together a list of 5 things to do on a rainy summer day.

Silent Sunday

University of St Andrews - Red Academic Gown Photo Shoot

In the past I have talked a little about my time at the University of St Andrews (like the Students Guide to St Andrews here, and the review of the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament here) but I haven't really talked about some of our crazy traditions (that's a full post to come soon).  One of our slightly whackier traditions is the red academic gown, which I did a little photo shoot recently so I thought I would take this time to talk a little more about it. 

How To Post An Instagram Picture On Twitter As Picture (Not A Link)

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One of the best things about using Instagram either for yourself, or as part of your social media strategy for blogs or websites, is how easy it is to share it on other platforms.  You just click the share button when you're writing your caption and off it goes.  However there is one big problem, when you share to Twitter it doesn't show as a picture, only a link!  Well, here is how to fix that problem!

Silent Sunday

Le Parc de Ornithologique de Pont de Gau | Ornithology Park Ste Marie de la Mer, Camargue Review

I know I am still behind on my South of France blog posts (sorry), but after the day we spent in Marseille (vlog here, photo diary here) we headed deep into the Nature Reserve of the Camargue.  The highlight of this was going to the Ornithology Park near St Marie de la Mer to see all the flamingos! 

How To Get From Arles to St Marie de la Mer (Bus Timetable)

The town of St Marie de la Mer (and the whole of the Camargue area in the South of France) is ridiculously beautiful and a wonderful place to visit.  However it can be a little tricky to get there and get around - that's why I've done this post!