Hôtel Vila de la Mar Review in Ste Marie de la Mer

When we travelled to the South of France earlier in the year we went to the beautiful town of Sainte Marie de la Mer in the Camargue region to enjoy the amazing nature and the gypsy festival (you can read my posts here).  

After spending two nights in beautiful countryside we moved into the town to the beautiful Hôtel Vila de la Mar.  I really enjoyed our stay there so I thought I would review it for you! 

The rooms are gorgeous, it truly is a design hotel with attention having being paid to the details.  I love the rustic, western feel about the place- which could be seen in the hide mats on the floor and the amazing horn chair in the bar!  

Our room was situated on the ground floor, with a small terrace with a table and chairs.  In addition to the room with the bed and wardrobes we had a small living area with a sofa, desk and fridge which led to the bathroom areas.  The bath was amazing by the way!  


Breakfast was a nice buffet, everything you would expect but done very well.  The miniature patissierrie and the orange juicer were personal highlights. 

We also ate in the restaurant at night and I was very impressed with the French-Japanoi fusion dishes.  My Mum went for the stirfried vegetable and I went for seared tuna steak which was lovely and fresh.  I also had some of the sushi which is probably some of the best I have had in France!  The sushi fillings change every day depending on what the chef fancies so make sure to ask what is on the menu for the day.  

Side note - the cocktails are also amazing, so you should get one (or two). 

Overall Hôtel Vila de la Mar is a beautiful hotel in a central location in a beautiful town.  Everything is thoughtfully designed - although perhaps not a place for vegetarians though!  The facilities, including the pool were great and matched the high level of service.  All the staff were very friendly and helpful with a great level of English.  They were also really helpful with local events.

If you want to see around the hotel in a video, watch it here!