Le Parc de Ornithologique de Pont de Gau | Ornithology Park Ste Marie de la Mer, Camargue Review

I know I am still behind on my South of France blog posts (sorry), but after the day we spent in Marseille (vlog here, photo diary here) we headed deep into the Nature Reserve of the Camargue.  The highlight of this was going to the Ornithology Park near St Marie de la Mer to see all the flamingos! 

I would definitely recommend heading to Pont de Gau, it is THE place to get your flamingo photos without needing a super zoomy lens.  All of my pictures was taken on my camera - the Canon G7X and I still think they are awesome.  Obviously, if you have a longer lens then you can get more close up action- but there are so many different birds to see you won't struggle for photos. 

Getting There
Either drive, if you have a car, or catch the number 20 bus (timetable here) which costs EUR1.  Your stop is Pont de Gau. 

A very reasonable EUR7.50

Logistically, there are two big ponds full of birds with paths around them.  It's super easy to navigate, with numbered posts around them.  We firstly did the smaller pond, which is about 2-3km and this was where the main action was.  We then came back to the main area to grab some food before heading to the big pond which was approx 5km.  There are loads of viewing points and some hides to get a closer look at them. 

Flamingos are the main event, obviously.  Other birds include herons, egrets, storks and those in the bird hospitals.  We also spotted two coypus, a turtle and a snake!  There were also some beautiful Camargue white horses!

Food is okay, very basic but it comes with a great view!  There are some basic baguette selections and snacks.  

I vlogged my trip to the Ornithology Park, as well as all my other days in the South of France - so if you fancy it you can check it out! 

This is a very rough review of the Ornithology Park, it was absolutely beautiful and I would definitely recommend checking it out.  If you have any questions about it then please leave them down below!