3 Dachshund Personality Traits + Harvest Photo Shoot

As you know seasonal pet photo shoots are a thing in this household #noshame #noregrets But today this lovely photo shoot of Hetty in a crop field is also combined with my top three dachshund personality traits!

We love taking pictures of our dogs, if you want to check out our tips for pet photography you can read this post here

Dachshunds are: 
A Small Dog But Not A "Small" Dog
Dachshunds are a small breed but most don't have typical small dog syndrome, meaning they have a big personality but usually without any meanness which is lovely!

The most accurate description of dachshund personality which I read was "stubborn but food orientated".  And I must say that is ridiculously true, there ain't much Hetty won't do for a treat!  I mean it, when a treat comes out Hetty would do an agility course - no joke!  

Pretty And They Know It
Hetty is a gorgeous dog but what is funny is that she knows it, she knows she's a cutie and she can work it!  She works it especially well when the camera comes out and she's the centre of attention.  She gets her sass on and works it out!