5 Word Reviews Of EVERY Country I've Visited

This post in collaboration with the Bolsover Cruise Club who asked me to think about travelling.  So I thought do that to the extreme and review all the countries I've been fortunate enough to visit but in just five words!
This may go terribly wrong and convey no useful information but this isn't an attempt to show off or brag about the travelling I've done, I just thought it would be a fun way to snapshot these places and my memories and impressions of them!  It is obviously not meant to be offensive and it's deliberately reductive - it's only 5 words!  

Have you been to any of these places on my list?  Leave your five word reviews down below!


  • Ireland - Hetty's home country, expensive booze
  • France - An amazing year in Lyon
  • Finland - Santa freaking Claus, eating reindeer 
  • Italy - Art, busy, great food, canals
  • Germany - Great public transport, schnitzel bitte 
  • Norway - Beautiful people and expensive everything
  • The Netherlands - Amazing contemporary art, very polite 
  • Poland - Historic, poignant- everyone should visit (Auchwitz)
  • Switzerland - Beautiful people in a beautiful place
  • Austria - Most scenic thunder storm ever
  • Czech Republic - Fun nights out, great food
  • Russia - Development, progression and scary driving!


  • China - Progress, sad pandas, (I'm) too tall 

North America

  • Canada - Amazing scenery in the Rockies
  • USA - less good Canada (jokes), love Yellowstone!

Middle East

  • Kuwait - Thursday night in massive malls, hot!