How To Post An Instagram Picture On Twitter As Picture (Not A Link)

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One of the best things about using Instagram either for yourself, or as part of your social media strategy for blogs or websites, is how easy it is to share it on other platforms.  You just click the share button when you're writing your caption and off it goes.  However there is one big problem, when you share to Twitter it doesn't show as a picture, only a link!  Well, here is how to fix that problem!

It is a super easy fix as there are some very clever tech people that have figured it out for us!  

What you have to do is head over to the IFTTT website and select the relevant recipe, like this one.  Then plug in your details and off you go!  If it doesn't work straight away don't worry, it will have!  Wait for approx 24 hours and it should be online by then, if not sooner!

There are also a tonne of other fun recipes which can make your life easier, so definitely have a look around the site and check them out!  

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