Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

I have been using my MAC Studio Fix Foundation for ages, so when I was nearing the end of it I wanted to try a completely different brand - Chanel!  After using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere for just over a month here is my review of it!

The Basics
As I had never used Chanel foundation I headed to the Chanel counter to get their advice, the SA was lovely and recommended I go for the Perfection Lumiere rather than Aqua Lumiere as at the time I suffered from acne and had combination skin.  

It's a high end foundation at £36. 

I was matched as shade 12 in Beige Rose.

The Good
The foundation is a perfect match for me, which is unusual because I am very pale with pink undertones, if you're the same this could be great for you too! It also doesn't oxidise down and stays true to what it is.

When I first put on the foundation I didn't love it, I thought you could "see" it on my skin a bit too much but it settled down really nicely and felt very lightweight for a medium/medium-high coverage foundation.  It also smells really nice- like skincare but it's not overpowering. 

The Bad
As my skin had cleared up from the acne (thank god!) my skin type had changed as well, shifting from combination to normal or slightly dry.  The formula is very slightly drying so if I don't moisturise before putting on the foundation I can sometimes see little dry patches at each side of my nose.  At this point in time I may be more suited to Aqua Lumiere, so maybe I'll try it after this!  

It also isn't super high coverage, compared to MAC Studio Fix in particular it is definitely not as high coverage.  However it feels much more comfortable on the face and it is reasonably buildable which covers a lot. 

The Verdict
One month on and I'm loving this foundation, it's so comfortable to wear and feels far lighter than the coverage that you actually get.  Most impressive is the perfect pink undertone pale shade which I just love!  I would love to try Aqua to give it a go but right now I'm definitely going to be sticking with this one.  

Have you tried the Perfection Lumiere or the Aqua Lumiere foundations?  Let me know what you think of them down below!

Everything on my face: 
Foundation in shade 12 Beige Rose - here
Primer - here
Moisturiser - here
Mascara - here
Eye liner - here

I also made a first impressions video where I tried the foundation on my face for the first time ever on my YouTube channel here!