Why I'm Not Watching Your Instagram Stories (Sorry)

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Instagram Stories has caused a storm, it's totally shaken up the way we use social media and is treading on some other platform's toes (Snapchat we all feel for you)!  However I don't like it and I'm going to tell you why I'm not watching your Instagram stories (or anyone's, it's not personal I promise).

[Obvious disclaimer- I'm not bashing anyone who does share on Insta Stories I'm just sharing my opinion and who knows, I might change my mind on this!]

But before we get started if you want to follow me on Insta I'm @liquidgrain and you won't be seeing any stories from me, here's why:  

First up, don't get me wrong I can see it's usefulness and appeal particularly for brands and bloggers who can capitalise on an already established following but it's not just for me and I really wish it wasn't so obstructive on my feed!

It's a numbers game
I just follow way too many people for Insta Stories to work for me.  On Instagram I follow over 700 people, I simply don't have the time to watch all these stories.  Particularly because the people who appear at the top of the feed are the ones with the most recent post.  This means that people will be posting more and more frequently to get to the top, leaving me with more and more stories to watch!  

When you compare this to Snapchat, aside from friends and family I only follow 15-20 bloggers and brands and I like to watch everyone's stories.  I just can't do that on Insta, I'm not going to scroll through the list of stories at the top to select who to watch or not. 

I followed you for your feed
When I followed you its because I love your beautiful photos and your feed.  Your aesthetic is why I followed you and Instagram is where I cultivate all my inspirations.  However this sometimes doesn't translate to also wanting to see behind the scenes!  For some accounts I don't want to break the curated content of your feed- whether that is living a jet set life, great food, etc.  For behind the scenes I want to be able to select who I see, so I would love for Insta to make this an option or I will just stick with Snapchat! 

Otherwise I'm going to unfollow you
This isn't a reflection on you but on me; I know that if I try and sit through Instagram Stories I'm going to end up unfollowing people to try and shorten this daily task.  And I don't want to unfollow you- like I said I'm following you for your beautiful pictures and I want to keep seeing them on my feed!

What do you think of Instagram Stories?  Let me know what you think of them down below!

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