Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

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I've been using the Vaseline Spray&Go Body Moisturiser - Aloe Fresh for almost a year now and I thought it was about time I write a full post on it! 

I love this moisturiser so much (this is probably my third can), and I am probably the worst person in the world for using moisturiser!

The Best Markets In Kuwait

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As you know I was recently in the wonderful country Kuwait (see my previous posts under the Kuwait label here).  So that means you get spammed with loads of posts relating to Kuwait! 

And today that means I'm going to tell you what are the best markets in Kuwait!  Or my favourite three anyway.   

Silent Sunday

A-Z Book Challenge

I saw this A-Z Book Challenge floating around the internet, so I thought I would give it a go!

How To Dress Like A French Girl

During my time here in France I have deliberately avoided the whole "French Girl Style" thing that so many blogs like to rave about. 

However, as my time in France is almost over I just couldn't resist doing one post on it!  

Afternoon Tea at English Tea Lounge Sheraton Kuwait

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You guys know I love going out for afternoon tea (remember the Old Course, St Andrews post?), so in Kuwait we had a very special afternoon tea experience at the English Tea Lounge at the Sheraton Kuwait. 

The Sheraton Kuwait is one of the fancy hotels in Kuwait- and a highlight of the Sheraton is the English Tea Lounge. 

Silent Sunday

GIVEAWAY - Advertise on Liquid Grain

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I am happy to announce I am now offering advertising on Liquid Grain!  Please get in touch if you are interesting in buying some advertising space here on the blog- you can email me at

The Best Alternative To Hair Bobbles Ever!

invisibobble liquidgrain liquid grain
I swear, these are the best alternatives to hair bobbles ever!  These bad boys are called Invisibobbles and they are amazing! 

24 Blog Posts Not To Miss From The First Four Months of 2015

Well, the title of this post just runs off the tongue doesn't it?  I should probably think up a better one...   

Since it's already May (how terrifying a thought is that?!) I thought it would be a nice to do a little round up post now and then! 

Silent Sunday

For The Love Of Mock Collars

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Mock collars are the ultimate sneaky fashion accessory!  Whether it's to add a preppy / hipster twist to your outfit or the easiest way to make your work clothes comfortable in summer, the mock collar is your best friend!

My Blog Schedule

I recently did a post on the social media strategy I use (see here), so on the same vein of Blogging Top Tips I thought I would share a little bit about my blog schedule. 

What To Do In Kuwait | Top 5 Things To Do In Kuwait

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As you know, I recently travelled to Kuwait for a week long break with my friend who's family lives in Kuwait. 

I had an amazing time in Kuwait, so I thought I would write up a little guide of what to do in Kuwait.

Silent Sunday

How To Shoot A Look In Public

I have recently had some very lovely comments from you guys recently about my Lookbooks and fashion posts.  Firstly, thank you very much for the nice comments.  Secondly, I thought I would write a little guide on how to shoot a look in public.  

I hope it's useful for you, and you might want to try a few of them out.