How To Dress Like A French Girl

During my time here in France I have deliberately avoided the whole "French Girl Style" thing that so many blogs like to rave about. 

However, as my time in France is almost over I just couldn't resist doing one post on it!  

As I have mentioned before (in my 10 Awesome Things About Living In France) French women are generally very well dressed.  They also have a particular "style" which is what I am talking about in this post. 

First I will go over some of the main rules that I see here in France, then pick out some quintessential pieces of French style! 
The Rules
- All Black Everything! 
French girls love black!  Black is default and amazing in their eyes- you can never have enough black!
If not black then your other neutrals- navy, white, tan, cream, camel, grey. 
- Ankle is Awesome!
French girls love to flash a bit of ankle, which always adds a European twist to your outfit. 
- Don't Show A Lot of Skin
Typically French girls don't show a lot of skin.  If they are flashing the flesh they tend to pick one thing- not all at once.  Don't have your boobs, legs and arms all out at once!
- Not Too Tight
French style is not too tight- the looser shapes add to the casual silhouette which is typical of French girls. 
- Understated Chic
French girls are new outlandishly over the top- less is definitely more!   
- Flats Are Your Friend
You very rarely see French girls in massive high heels- most girls wear flats or small-ish heels all the time!

Style Picks
Now you've seen my rules, let's show case some typical "French Style" pieces. 

High Street


  1. love your blog :)
    have a great weekend!

  2. I really like the french girl style! It's so classy and I like the pastel knitted sweater you picked out. You look fab in the cover photo - I wish I could pull of patterned pants x

    Angi |

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you can- give it a go! x


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