What To Do In Kuwait | Top 5 Things To Do In Kuwait

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As you know, I recently travelled to Kuwait for a week long break with my friend who's family lives in Kuwait. 

I had an amazing time in Kuwait, so I thought I would write up a little guide of what to do in Kuwait.
Before I go on any trip I take to blogs and the internet to research things to check out.  However before Kuwait there was a serious lack of stuff out there to discover!  Something I'm hoping to remedy here on Liquid Grain with my little Kuwait label (see here).  

You might have seen my recent Youtube video, where I put a little bit of footage together on my trip. 

I think I'll do a full on, detailed itinerary post soon but this is my 5 Top Things To Do In Kuwait:
The Friday Market 
what to do in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
This is THE thing to do on a Friday.  The Friday Market is also known as Souk Al-Jama'a.  

It's an open air market with lots of knick-knacks to check out.  It's so much fun to walk around and soak things up.  

This is also a great place to try some authentic Kuwaiti street food! 
what to do in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
The Avenues
The Avenues are insane, this is the biggest mall in Kuwait- and believe me it's huge.  Because alcohol is banned in Kuwait, there isn't the usual night life hangouts- instead The Avenues are a BIG part of the night life. 

You have to head to The Avenues on a Thursday night (because the weekend revolves around Friday, Thursday in Kuwait is like Friday in the West).  

The Avenues is crazy big, the architecture is amazing and there are so many shops (over 800), tonnes of places to eat and cinemas.  But apart from all the spectacle that you have to check out, The Avenues is one of the best places to people watch! 
Bait Al-Othman Museum
what to do in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
This is definitely the best museum in Kuwait, I had so much fun there!  The museum is in Hawalli and is ridiculously good value- only 1KD to wander around the museum and to try Arabic coffee and dates. 

This was the house of a famous person (that's what Bait means) which was then turned into a museum.  Each room showcases different themes and is really interesting. 

However the best thing about it is that you can touch EVERYTHING!! You know, usually when you go to museums you can't touch anything and you are coralled from place to place?  NOT HERE, you can touch everything- I mean you can go to town!  My favourite things include the giant stuffed camel which you can actually get on and take pictures with.  Seriously, it's amazing!  
The Desert
what to do in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
You have to find the time to head out to the desert and see some camel and oil pipelines in real life.  Worth it! 
Souk Al-Kabeer
what to do in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
what to do in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
This literally means Big Souk.  This was so much fun to walk around!  You can get some AMAZING food before you walk around- I seriously had the best hummus I ever had in my life. 

Then it's great fun to walk around and soak everything in, I would seriously recommend it! 

Have you been to Kuwait before?  What's your favourite thing to do in Kuwait?