The Best Markets In Kuwait

best markets in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
As you know I was recently in the wonderful country Kuwait (see my previous posts under the Kuwait label here).  So that means you get spammed with loads of posts relating to Kuwait! 

And today that means I'm going to tell you what are the best markets in Kuwait!  Or my favourite three anyway.   

Friday Market
The best market in Kuwait has got to be the Friday Market.  This is an open air market, however it is covered to avoid the sun.  It's also open late at night if you want to avoid the heat. 

However since I visited in March it wasn't too hot (but such a nice temperature at 32 degrees).  This means we could go during the day. 

There's so many knick-knacks to check out, some of it is not great but it's still good to wander around.  

You can also try some authentic Kuwaiti food, we had chicken schawarmas and falafels, so good! 
best markets in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
Souk Al-Kabeer
More AMAZING food can be found just outside of Souk Al-Kabeer.  Amongst, a lot of other things this was the best hummus I've ever had!  

Take your seat in the plastic seats and order loads of food to share!  Make sure you get some tea to finish off, although be warned it's quite strong! 
best markets in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
Once you've had dinner you can head into the souk itself.  There are so many different aspects to check out, from crockery to beautiful scarves.  There is also a 100 fils shop where you will be amazed at the things you can get for so little money! 

Once you have checked out Souk Al-Kabeer, you are in the perfect vicinity to check out the Women's Souk (which is ran exclusively by women) and the Gold Souk- where you can window shop some serious bling.    
Iranian Souk
best markets in kuwait liquidgrain liquid grain
After doing the Friday Market we headed to the Iranian Souk.  The Iranian Souk had the most beautiful painted furniture I have ever seen in my life!  

Seriously, it was amazing and it made me want to buy a big empty house and fill a shipping container with furniture from the Iranian Souk. 

Have you been to Kuwait?  What was your favourite market?