24 Blog Posts Not To Miss From The First Four Months of 2015

Well, the title of this post just runs off the tongue doesn't it?  I should probably think up a better one...   

Since it's already May (how terrifying a thought is that?!) I thought it would be a nice to do a little round up post now and then! 
Before I begin, have you noticed I've changed the font I'm using in my blog posts?  What do you think of the change? 

Now, on to the 24 blog posts not to miss from the first 4 months of 2015: 
blog posts not to miss liquid grain liquidgrain
1 - Nigel Thornberry-esque
2 - How To Explore A New City
3 - Balcony Business
4 - How To Easily Save Money This Year
5 - Film Photography Top Tips
6 - 10 Not So Awesome Things About Living In France
7 - The Best Shampoo Ever
8 - Having Acne As A 20-Something

blog posts not to miss liquid grain liquidgrain
9 - What To Wear Shotgun Shooting
14 - Braun Silk Epil Skinspa Review
15 - A Blue Lookbook
16 - Phone Interview Tips
17 - Say Hello To Holly!
18 - Vieux Lyon Photo Diary
19 - Golden Hour Light
blog posts not to miss liquid grain liquidgrain
20 - Exploring Lyon
21 - Winter Walk
22 - French Flea Market
23 - Social Media Strategy On Liquid Grain 
24 - Barbour Rewaxing Review

What's been your highlights of the first few months of 2015? I would love to hear them down below!


  1. This is a fab idea to make sure nobody misses out on posts and I will be checking out the french flea market post x

    Kitty (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

    1. Thank you! I thought it was about time for a round-up!


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