For The Love Of Mock Collars

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Mock collars are the ultimate sneaky fashion accessory!  Whether it's to add a preppy / hipster twist to your outfit or the easiest way to make your work clothes comfortable in summer, the mock collar is your best friend!

Mock collars came to my attention when I was casually perusing the COS website.  COS, in case you don't know, is an uber cool- Scando / minimalist store which I want to buy approx. 65% of the things from.  The rest I would love to buy but I don't think the cut/style would look the best on my curvy frame.  

COS has these mock shirts (here) - however when I saw the price (£29), I wasn't so keen.  I wasn't willing to spend that much on something I might not even like.  So I went on the hunt and found these much more affordable one (here, here, here, here) from River Island.  I bought the denim one which you can see in the photos and a white one. 

The beauty of mock collars is that they are perfect for layering, it can add a quirky edge under a dress or a shirt. 

But my favourite thing about the mock collars are how great they are for work!

I struggle to find shirts that fit me properly - damn boobs!  Plus, when I [eventually] find a s shirt that fits they are not the most comfortable to wear all day, especially when it is warm!  The best thing about mock collars is you can put it under a work dress, jumper or long sleeved top and it immediately looks way more work appropriate!  

So that's my wordy rant about my new favourite thing in the world, let me know down below if you have tried out mock collars before?  What did you think?

Now for a few more shots from this look- where I wore the denim mock collar!  


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