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I recently did a post on the social media strategy I use (see here), so on the same vein of Blogging Top Tips I thought I would share a little bit about my blog schedule. 

 *Please be aware that I'm not a super pro blogger, I only have a few followers but I do have a routine and a schedule.

Like most of us, I am super busy most of the time- I work, I study, I do my sport and I have a life!  Part of my life is blogging, but to do it well and consistenly I need a plan!

Consistency is King
Within our industry, consistency is King.  Not only for your own sanity and productivity but to keep the readers engaged. 

When readers come back to your blog they will expect to see something new.  You don't want them to be met with a week old post that they have already read. 

Similarily, you don't want to post every day for a week (and so your readers get into a routine) and then drop back to twice a week.  Of course, real life sometimes gets in the way and blogging has to take a back seat but that is the beauty of scheduling! 

If you know you know you have a particularly busy period (like exams) coming up spend a day getting posts written and in the bank to be scheduled!  Also, if you have a great idea which isn't season appropriate write and schedule it- it's the best feeling in the world knowing you have been nice and prepared. 

The perfect example of this is my review of the Barbour re-waxing process (here), I had the idea for this post way back in the Autumn when I saw the photos that Matty had taken the year before.  However, as I mention in the post, you should rewax your coat in summer not winter!  So I wrote that post then and scheduled it for now! 

In the long run, inconsistency (especially sparodic lack of posts) can cost a blog views and followers. 

Communicate With Your Readers
Although you don't have to inform your readers of every thing in your life, if you know there is going to be a big or unexpected break in your posts then it is worth putting up a little post to explain things. 

On the flipside of this, if you want to try and increase your posting it's worth letting your readers know so they can support you.  For example, if you are participating in an "Every Day in May" style personal challenge, where you post every day in may (duh, Kathryn!), then it is worth letting your readers know this so they can keep up to date with you and support you.
Plan For Your Audience
Now that you have a few blog posts in the bank, already written and ready to be scheduled the question is WHEN do you schedule for them?

This is ultimately a personal decision which will depend a lot on your target audience. 

I know that a lot of Mummy Bloggers aim for times when they know their target audience (other mums) are free- so pre-wake up time or post-bed time. 

I personally go for approximately 8.30am, this way I shouldn't be too far down people's subscription lists as most people go live in the morning.  And it should give some time for people to have a read before work or on their commute if they wish.  Plus it's online for the whole day for my social media to revolve around.   
My Blog Schedule
Now that I've told you the time my posts go live, what about the general routine?

I post four times a week.  This breaks down to three main posts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and a #SilentSunday post on Sunday.  

This is a manageable amount of posts for me to work with, in combination of everything else.  However when I have more time (like in the summer away from university), I sometimes up my posting to every other day.  I manage this by scheduling every other day like normal a month in advance, then I go back to the beginning and fill in the gaps.

Let me know your blogging schedule down below, I'm really interested on how everyone else does it!


  1. I totally agree that consistency is important. Content is Queen! I find that sometimes if I know that I would just make a bad post, instead of keeping to my schedule I let it rest. Can't sacrifice content, either! / creative lifestyle blog.

    1. Yeah good point! It's important not to compromise your quality- you need a balance between your life and a schedule!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I want to start working more to a schedule but also to maintain quality content.

    1. Yeah you need to find a good balance between the two-and you can always post a more relaxed schedule!


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