How To Shoot A Look In Public

I have recently had some very lovely comments from you guys recently about my Lookbooks and fashion posts.  Firstly, thank you very much for the nice comments.  Secondly, I thought I would write a little guide on how to shoot a look in public.  

I hope it's useful for you, and you might want to try a few of them out.  

Do you have any other tips for shooting looks in public or fashion posts for your blog?  Let me know down below. 

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Have No Fear 
Shooting in public can be a scary thing.  You are usually going to be all dressed up, maybe wearing inappropriate shoes and you will definitely be prancing around in front of a camera.  If you haven't managed to rope someone into being your photographer you will also have the added spectacle of posing in front of a tripod.  

The first big part of shooting a look in public is to get over the inevitable fear and nervousness of shooting in public.

People will generally not care half as much as you think they do!  You might look a little weird and get a couple of side-eyed looks but nothing too out there.  

I have actually never had a bad experience whilst shooting a look.  Well that's a lie, I have never had a bad experience in Britain.  In France, on the other hand, they are not really with the whole blog thing yet here.  

Whilst I was shooting the photos and video for this look on the street, I had three people come out of their way (like legitimately cross the road) to comment on what I was doing.  Two of these people were pretty negative and not too nice- not cool France, not cool.  

But apart from that, people don't really care as much as you think they do!  
Pick Your Location
Even though you want to shoot your look in a particular place, you don't have to do it in a super busy area!  

Slink off to the side a bit, find a quiet or open place to shoot your look and get on with it. 
Have An Excuse In The Bag
In the case that someone does decide to come up and say something, it's always good to have an excuse in the bag ready to go.  

Because blogging or Youtube can sometimes be a little tricky to describe to people, I tend to say I am a model or doing something for a student magazine.  People tend to accept that students do weird things!  

Have A Plan
Because you are shooting in public you don't want to be hanging around all day.  Instead have an idea of what you want to achieve with the look.  What background do you want?  What angles and shots?

Have Fun
Most importantly, you're blogging (hopefully) for fun so make sure you have fun when you are out there shooting a look! 

In this day and age it's more and more common to see people posing in front of cameras or with their selfie sticks.  So we should all go out, have fun and embrace our funny blogging stuff!  


  1. Awesome post I get so embarrassed trying to take photos in public! I always say it's for my photography class :P

    1. Haha I know that feeling :P Good to have that excuse ready to go ;)

  2. Ah these are such good tips, I usually feel uncomfortable taking photos in busy public places so I usually try to find quieter areas! Your photos are beautiful btw!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah it's a funny one, sometimes I'm so self conscious and other times I'm like I DON'T CARE! :P

  3. Great post! You're so right that you have to just got for it and most people won't care. I try and think of it as free advertising and give my blog card to anyone who comes over to ask! lol

  4. Really useful post for a newbie blogger! <3


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