What To Do In Lyon - The Definitive Post After A Year In France

It's official, I'm finally writing my Definitive Guide On What To Do In Lyon!

50 Blogging Ideas

Sometimes we all get in a bit of a blogging rut and just can't come up with any ideas for new posts.  So I thought I would put together some blogging ideas- actually 50 of them!

Silent Sunday

Galaxy Walk - Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skater Skirt

I love a good walk, especially now that it is summer time!  Although judging from these pictures you probably wouldn't think it was that warm - I know I'm wearing tights and a sweater!

A Day In Geneva - Geneva Travel Tips

You might have spotted on my Instagram that a little while ago (actually in April) my mother and I had a little trip to Geneva in Switzerland.  

So I thought I would share with you what we did and my recommendations for spending a day in Geneva. 

10 Things I Have Learnt In The First Month of Owning A Puppy

miniature dachshund puppy liquidgrain liquid grain hetty
You might remember that I recently got a puppy (if you don't then where have you beeeen?  And you can check it out here) and she's super cute.  Now a month on I thought I would reflect on the 10 things I have learnt in the first month of owning Hetty: 

Silent Sunday

New Hair! All Black Everything

Okay this is a slightly deceiving post title, yes I do have a new hair cut and yes my whole outfit is black but my hair IS NOT!  As you can probably see... 

Creative Canvas Company Review

creative canvas company review liquidgrain liquid grain
Photographs are becoming more and more common- every phone has an intense little camera built in ready to spontaneously snap a selfie or a picture of your food.  However the ease of photography has meant that we are now in a state of photo-overload. 

Puppy Play Time!

liquidgrain liquid grain dog puppy hetty teething toy treats feedem
*Disclaimer* This post contains a super cute puppy! *Real disclaimer* The toys and treats that the super cute puppy is playing with was provided for free.  

Remember how I got Hetty the puppy recently (if not, you can check it out here), well it's safe to say she has been well and truly spoilt with plenty of toys to play with.

Silent Sunday

Film Photography Tips

If you have ever popped by to Liquid Grain on a Sunday then you will know that I take part in a popular hashtag known as #SilentSunday.  

Every Sunday I post a picture with no caption, but the photo I post up is always a film photo I've taken with my 35mm film camera.  

Although I've done one post in the past on the basics of film photography (here), and some basic tips (here) I thought I would go into some more in depth tips now!