Galaxy Walk - Black Milk Purple Galaxy Skater Skirt

I love a good walk, especially now that it is summer time!  Although judging from these pictures you probably wouldn't think it was that warm - I know I'm wearing tights and a sweater!
Because Hetty is so small walking in the woods can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge but luckily opposite my house we have a dead woods (we have an alive woods behind our house) which has a lot less growth and is easier to walk in! 

I think have fallen a little out of love with my Black Milk pieces- you might have noticed that I have been doing a lot less Fashion posts lately.  This is for a number of reasons, mainly I have put on quite a lot of weight from a combination of living in France and working in an office.  I also think I have done a bit of growing up in my style so I'm not so confident with where I want to take it right now.  I think I was a little "repressed" in France and now I'm just super confused!

Anyways, although the purple galaxy print from Black Milk is quite out there it is actually pretty unnoticeable on the street, probably because all things galaxy are pretty generic these days.  So I popped on this skirt because I really didn't know what I wanted to wear!

Enough of my confused ramblings, I'm wearing:
Black Milk Clothing Purple Skater Skirt 
Super old grey cable knit jumper
Zatchels pink barrel bag (on sale here)