Film Photography Tips

If you have ever popped by to Liquid Grain on a Sunday then you will know that I take part in a popular hashtag known as #SilentSunday.  

Every Sunday I post a picture with no caption, but the photo I post up is always a film photo I've taken with my 35mm film camera.  

Although I've done one post in the past on the basics of film photography (here), and some basic tips (here) I thought I would go into some more in depth tips now! 

Get Down And Dirty! 

Don't be afraid to go out and shoot when it's pouring with rain or wade into a muddy field to take a great photo!
Rule of Thirds 
I know I mentioned the Rule of Thirds in my last post but it really is a biggie.  When you shoot imagine your photos are split into 9 equal boxes (3x3), the most visually appealing sections are the outside boxes so try to compose your subject in them.  For example placing it in the right most third, or bottom third.  You can also use the 3x3 lines to guide the eye to your subject by thinking about your composition! 
Change Perspectives 
Don't always shoot standing straight up, kneel down- jump on a wall and find a new perspective on the shot!
With film there is always an element of gambling, however don't be afraid to push it.  Put coloured plastic in front of your lens to add a trippy element to your photos.  Double expose a film (but remember to shoot each shot on half the needed ISO).  There's so many different things you can do with film!
Take A Minute
Take a minute and think about your shot, this isn't digital so don't machine gun the shutter button.  Think about the shot you want to take, use the rule of thirds, make sure your lines are straight (there is nothing worse than a squint horizon, believe me!) and then you only need to take one good shot.  

If you watch myself and Matty (the pro photographer here on Liquid Grain) shoot, it will probably look like I'm taking just as many photos as him.  However I look through the viewfinder and have a good think, composing photos from different angles and different ideas BUT I will only push the shutter button once, maybe twice.  The rest are all dry runs! 

There you have my film photography tips, do you have any more to add?  Let me know down below and remember to pop back on Sunday for #SilentSunday!