A Day In Geneva - Geneva Travel Tips

You might have spotted on my Instagram that a little while ago (actually in April) my mother and I had a little trip to Geneva in Switzerland.  

So I thought I would share with you what we did and my recommendations for spending a day in Geneva. 

Before I get stuck into this post a special mention has to go out to the Train Journey between Lyon and Geneva- probably the most scenic train ride I have been on in my life.  Truly beautiful, I even took a quick video on my phone. 

Lake Geneva
The first thing we did after stowing our bags in the station was walk down the the Lake.  Walking down the street you catch a glimpse of the Lake and it was amazing!  It's so pretty to walk around and check out the harbour. 
Jet d'Eau 
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the famous jet spray because it was TOO WINDY, too windy?!  Boo Geneva!  But if I was to go back to Geneva I better see it!
The Old Town 
After walking around the lake we headed into the Old Town which was so pretty!  Definitely a very picturesque part of Geneva with pretty streets and squares to wander around.  While you're there make sure to check out St Peter's Cathedral. There's loads of things to check it out and museums to go to but we didn't really have the time to check them out.
Links To The Reformation
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While you walk around Geneva make sure to keep an eye out for any links to and commemorations of the Reformation.  If you are a history buff like me you will know the importance of Geneva and it's really interesting to walk around and spot them.  
Parc de la Grange
The Parc on the other side of the Lake is so beautiful to walk around - even on a windy and cold day.  The view was amazing and the gardens are stunning! 

So that was all we did in Geneva, not too much as we were only there for a day and we like to enjoy a city and not race around it.  I've written about this approach before here

Geneva Travel Tips
  • Geneva is expensive, I mean super expensive take tonnes of cash
  • Try and go off the beaten path to get the best deals 
  • People are beautiful in Geneva, in a very different way from French-ness it's Alpen (obviously) beauty, be prepared to walk around in awe!
  • You can walk from the train station to the Lake, to the Old Town.  Yes it will take a wee while but very do-able!  Don't bother with a taxi. 
  • If you are going just for the day it is very easy to store your bags at the main train station, kinda expensive but very easy!
  • According to my Mum (who flew out of Geneva) Geneva airport is really nice to fly from. 
  • It is easy to get to the airport from the main train station, although a little bit of a hassle to buy a ticket as we wanted to go to a counter because we were scared of using the machines. 
Have you visited Geneva before?  Leave me your recommendations and travel tips down below!
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