Creative Canvas Company Review

creative canvas company review liquidgrain liquid grain
Photographs are becoming more and more common- every phone has an intense little camera built in ready to spontaneously snap a selfie or a picture of your food.  However the ease of photography has meant that we are now in a state of photo-overload. 

Photo-overload happens when we have so many photos we don't know what to do with them.  They just sit in our phones or computers doing nothing- we don't even enjoy them.

So when the Creative Canvas Company got in touch and asked if I would like to receive a complementary canvas of my photos, I jumped at the chance. 

My Mum's birthday was coming up so I thought I would get her a canvas as she is particularly guilty of taking photos which she never looks at again!  She has recently got really into scuba diving so I wanted to get her some pictures.   

creative canvas company review liquidgrain liquid grain My first challenge was selecting the canvas to go for, there is a really great choice!  Something for everyone, from a single square Instagram-esque shot to a massive montage for your wall.  I settled on the Left Portrait collage and was quickly sent my proof of the canvas (right). 

I received the canvas really quickly, it comes in a compact box- the print is rolled up and the parts of the frame are loose.  This means it is up to you to assemble. 

Good news, it is pretty easy to assemble although I think it would be quite difficult if you were attempting it by yourself.  The instructions are easy to follow and only takes about 10 minutes.  

Price wise my canvas was worth £89 which is a lot, especially when ordering online when you have a gamble on what it will turn out like.  I think that value for money be better to buy a nice mounted framed print. 

We have also noticed that over time the picture has stretched out a bit on the canvas, despite us mounting it as tight as possible.  It is this finish, in addition to the fact the photos aren't as quite as sharp as I would like (I think that is a general fault with canvas, not Creative Canvas) do make me wonder that I would perhaps be happier with a framed print rather than the canvas.  

Although don't get me wrong I really like the canvas and Mum is happy with it which is the main thing!  

Have you ever order a canvas online?  What did you think, would you do it again?
creative canvas company review liquidgrain liquid grain