New Hair! All Black Everything

Okay this is a slightly deceiving post title, yes I do have a new hair cut and yes my whole outfit is black but my hair IS NOT!  As you can probably see... 

While I was over in Northern Ireland recently I had to make a really brave decision- I had to go get my hair cut at a new place!  I have been religiously loyal to my girl Sarah for the past 5+ years, I even travel down from university to get my hair cut by Sarah.  Not only is she amazing, it also is a lot more affordable than St Andrews  usually! 

Over time you build up a lot of trust with a great hairdresser, I know I do anyway.  When I cut all of my hair off last year I actually think Sarah was more apprehensive than I was!  

However after spending a year away from home in France my hair was getting out of control- I didn't trust my French to get my hair cut.  Then when I came back I ran straight away to Northern Ireland to pick up the lovely Hetty.

So in Northern Ireland I had to bite the bullet and get my haircut by a stranger and it didn't go particularly well.  I was most indignant (rather pettily) about the fact I asked to not come out with too heavy a parting and straight hair and look what happened! 

Not impressed... 

Anyway, on to my all black outfit, I think I am channelling my inner French girl:
Uniqlo pants
United Colours of Benetton top
New Look cardigan 
Burberry similar bag
Linea pumps