OOTD 28/1/2012

Here's my OOTD for today!  
I went out like this to uni plus my scarf and Barbour jacket and even sunglasses.  However by the time I came back in it was absolutely pouring!
So it was really luck I had my Barbour and my chelsea boots on as well, so at least I didn't have to get too wet. 

So th…

Film 24 *Fisheye*

New film back from the chemists!  

It's very exciting, full roll is down below. 

And if anyone else is a fellow lomographer then my home is kathrynisi so check it out! 

January Shopping Haul!

So many clothes!  Check it all down belooow! 

Since we have had SNOW today and that is very exciting so I went out took many many photos.  But super quickly so I didn't get too cold. 

Let me tell you using self timer on a Samsung Galaxy balanced on top a tin box of Schnapps on a fence post is not…

Z Z Zebra in the snow

This zebra in the snow must be very confused.  

As always photography courtesy of the boy, see him here.  

So the snow is on again!  But not lying so we are still functioning which is really good. 

The outfit: 
Black Furry Coat - so cosy 
Black Milk Zebra Teal Bodysuit - got it from a swap recently and …

Updated Nylon Collection


So last night I decided to update my Collection tab up there ^ at the top.  Mainly because I got all creeped out because it used to link to MyTightPantz where you could see my full name / facebook profile picture.  

Low and behold my new NYLON COLLECTION page, look at my poor offerings here.

I also did a little picture gallery so people can see what they look like on M girls and so I can remind myself of what I actually look like.  

Here is an unrelated picture 

Hex - Fur - Hair Cut!


I also had a wee hair cut (it was actually a bit hair cut but I'm trying not to be over dramatic).  

The full shoot is below!  

But first for an outfit run down and an update on my general life. 

I am wearing: 

- Black Milk Hex leggings 
These are awesome.  Got them in the sale and this is th…

OOTD 15/1/2013 and I have shingles!


I'm back from Germany! 

It was a pretty good trip and we got lots of training done which is always good.  

But bad news is I have came down with the shingles.  The bloody shingles!  Who even gets that any more!  So I am currently feeling like a Victorian chimney sweep or something and over…

Next 5 Things To Buy:


Apologies for the radio silence lately, currently doing some super intense training in Germany so I haven't got too much time on my hands.  

I'm lying in bed thinking of something to do- so naturally I am shopping.  So I decided to make a blog of my five next top wants to buy.  

I prob…

Esty / Facebook Shop Open! Yay!


That has been my hobby for the last few weeks- taking things of the denim variety and studding them.  

I've been finding it quite therapeutic actually. 

And today I launched my etsy and facebook stores.  So you should check them out and keep an eye on them because I will be adding to them as we go.  

Mini CM Haul / Claire Maley Swim Sizing Advice

I was just walking out the door today when a package from CM arrived.

Inside was my Purple Sunflower Swim.  

I ran back inside and tried it on, absolutely love it! 

I was lucky enough to grab it in the sale, which you can check out here.  So I got it for £44 with free postage during the December posta…

Quick Happy New Year & Exciting News! (OOTD too)

YAY! Happy New Year! 

Welcome to 2013 and think about how babies born in this millennium are now teenagers.  WTF?!  Like seriously...