Mini CM Haul / Claire Maley Swim Sizing Advice

I was just walking out the door today when a package from CM arrived.

Inside was my Purple Sunflower Swim.  

I ran back inside and tried it on, absolutely love it! 

I was lucky enough to grab it in the sale, which you can check out here.  So I got it for £44 with free postage during the December postage promo.  

It's such a great swim, and so comfy.  
The lilac background is really pretty and since sunflowers are my favourite flowers I just had to get it. 

I like how the flower on the front has a higher placement than at the back so it will be really easy to style with shorts and skirts!  

Sorry for the rubbishy photo I took it really quickly, I will go take a flat photo of it now.  That should show it off a but better, then I can get on to my sizing advice for CM swims.  

My CM Swim Sizing Advice:

This swim is a M and fits me great!  
I was a little concerned about getting a M to begin with because in other brands I am most definitely a Large.  For example in BM and even my Nike swim I need L for the length.

CM seems to have a higher front and back so it gives more coverage and also means there is more of a stretch if you need it. 

So that's really great if you have a longer torso like me.  Meaning you have the potential to size down if length was a problem in other brands. 
On the same note I would say if you are between swim sizes then size down too.  

Overall they fit great, give good coverage and certainly no worry about the straps being too long and exposing things that don't need to be exposed.  Great fit on the whole! 

If you have never heard of CM before you can find her on facebook.  

Basically CM is a relatively new British brand specialising in digital prints and nice and tight clothing!  

I have done fuller blog posts on CM which include styling and shoots, you can see them hereherehere and here.  Featuring a couple of custom printed dresses which are great. 

I also have featured CM on some Lookbooks, so you can check them out here.  

Give me some time and I'll have this swim style and shot in no time! 

Out tonight so need to have a bath and make myself look presentable!