Quick Happy New Year & Exciting News! (OOTD too)

YAY! Happy New Year! 

Welcome to 2013 and think about how babies born in this millennium are now teenagers.  WTF?!  Like seriously... 

Well I hope everyone had a lovely Hogmany (what we call New Year's Eve here in Scotland).  Mine was super chilled out but nice.  Then today we had a clan gathering- it was my Uncle's 50th Birthday today so he had rented out some holiday homes so we went up and chilled out and ate a horrendous amount of food.  

Here's a funny wee snap from today- 
This is my *little* brother- he's the grand old age of 17, just.  Here he is demonstrating how tall he actually is with our cousins, 21 and 19 respectively.  

We seem to have got the tall genes anyway.

Really nice day today but I am so so so knackered right now, just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.  

My Exciting News: 

I was lucky enough to win the CM styling competition which is really exciting, meaning  I get to pick an item of clothing from her store (find it here by the way).  
Going to have a wee think- and of course when I get it expect a shoot and bog post! 

My winning entry was: 
You can read my full blog post and see all the shoot here.  

You should check it out because I am running away now, I will do a proper blog soon. 

To demonstrate my levels of pathetic-ness here is an OOTD

Very lazy look.  

We have: 

- the trusty yellow welly socks, these are Jack Wills and I live in JW socks.  So comfy. 

- standard black leggings 

- white long shirt from New Look many moons ago 

- black waist belt from River Island 

- grey knitted cardigan from H&M 

- furry faux fur scarf which is so soft and super warm!  This bad boy was from H&M again, but this time in Norway.  Which means although it was on sale it was still ridiculously expensive.  It's okay because it is soft. 

Rightio guys, I'm off.  
So sleepy!