Hex - Fur - Hair Cut!


I also had a wee hair cut (it was actually a bit hair cut but I'm trying not to be over dramatic).  

The full shoot is below!  

But first for an outfit run down and an update on my general life. 

I am wearing: 

- Black Milk Hex leggings 
These are awesome.  Got them in the sale and this is the first proper look I did with them.  I think they are still in stock so you can check them out here if you are keen

- Teamed it with a good old New Look vest 
Grey because I'm lazy and I am running out of clean clothes because of being in Germany and back from uni.  

- And my best buy of the winter sales, black faux fur coat! 
I bought it so I have something to wear out / to formal occasions which is still warm.  This was a good call, with the snow coming in! 

- Various necklaces and the likes.

Boy's photography page is here.  Photos are all hiiiis

The shoot: 

Think that's about all for now.  I think I will redo my Collection tab for something to do.


K xx