OOTD 15/1/2013 and I have shingles!


I'm back from Germany! 

It was a pretty good trip and we got lots of training done which is always good.  

But bad news is I have came down with the shingles.  The bloody shingles!  Who even gets that any more!  So I am currently feeling like a Victorian chimney sweep or something and overall not feeling too great. 

Anyway here is my OOTD yesterday.  

We have: 

Black Milk Hex legs: 
my first outing in these bad boys.  More flattering than what I expected for them being so light.  But they are really comfortable and I like all the colours so that's always good. 

Teamed with New Look grey vest: 
these vests have been such a good purchase.  I got them end of last academic year and ended up buying them in about 6 different colours.  They are really great for leggings especially during the summer since they are long enough to hide your modesty but not super heavy.  

So yeah, now I have shingles.  And loads to do: internship applications, training and waiting for exam results!  Scary scary times.  

As always instagram:  kathrynisi 

Rightio I am away now, much love!

K xx