Z Z Zebra in the snow

This zebra in the snow must be very confused.  

As always photography courtesy of the boy, see him here.  

So the snow is on again!  But not lying so we are still functioning which is really good. 

The outfit: 

Black Furry Coat - so cosy 

Black Milk Zebra Teal Bodysuit - got it from a swap recently and I need to do a good haul blog post soon.  I have a good wee pile to do soon from BM swaps and Jack Wills.  

Then we have an amazing Ralph Lauren brown leather belt

Jack Wills Jeans - gotta have them if you are lanky / leggy and so on

Simple black studded chelsea boots 

So here is the rest of the shoot: 

I've got to go drop the boy off at the boat now, so byeee