Esty / Facebook Shop Open! Yay!


That has been my hobby for the last few weeks- taking things of the denim variety and studding them.  

I've been finding it quite therapeutic actually. 

And today I launched my etsy and facebook stores.  So you should check them out and keep an eye on them because I will be adding to them as we go.  

The brand Liquid Grain (LQG) is going to focus on studding and reworking vintage and pre loved clothes to make them awesome for you guys!  

I also want to keep the prices as reasonable as possible because I find some brands waaay overcharge for this.  So I'm going to try and keep things as reasonable.  

Already up there are a couple of pairs of shorts but my personal favourite has got to be this bad boy: 

The Studded Shoulder Denim Jacket

This has been my latest project and the finished product looks great!  

It's such an eye catching design whilst being subtle enough not to overshadow the rest of your outfit. 

If you are interested in buying it or anything else in the store check it out here.  All purchases will also be done securely and safely over Paypal. 

When I have a bit more time (and some decent weather) I should get the chance to shoot some of the pieces properly which give everything a better look.  But thought I should get something up and going! 

That's all from me tonight, I need to pack because I am going to Germany tomorrow and I literally haven't started... still need to unpack properly from Northern Ireland. 

Oh well