University of St Andrews - Red Academic Gown Photo Shoot

In the past I have talked a little about my time at the University of St Andrews (like the Students Guide to St Andrews here, and the review of the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament here) but I haven't really talked about some of our crazy traditions (that's a full post to come soon).  One of our slightly whackier traditions is the red academic gown, which I did a little photo shoot recently so I thought I would take this time to talk a little more about it. 

How To Post An Instagram Picture On Twitter As Picture (Not A Link)

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One of the best things about using Instagram either for yourself, or as part of your social media strategy for blogs or websites, is how easy it is to share it on other platforms.  You just click the share button when you're writing your caption and off it goes.  However there is one big problem, when you share to Twitter it doesn't show as a picture, only a link!  Well, here is how to fix that problem!

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Le Parc de Ornithologique de Pont de Gau | Ornithology Park Ste Marie de la Mer, Camargue Review

I know I am still behind on my South of France blog posts (sorry), but after the day we spent in Marseille (vlog here, photo diary here) we headed deep into the Nature Reserve of the Camargue.  The highlight of this was going to the Ornithology Park near St Marie de la Mer to see all the flamingos! 

How To Get From Arles to St Marie de la Mer (Bus Timetable)

The town of St Marie de la Mer (and the whole of the Camargue area in the South of France) is ridiculously beautiful and a wonderful place to visit.  However it can be a little tricky to get there and get around - that's why I've done this post! 

South of France: What I Wore

In celebration of finishing my final exams EVER at university (scary!) my Mum took me to the South of France so we could enjoy some good weather and explore the area.  

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An Introduction To My Minimalist Bullet Journal

minimalist bullet journal liquid grain liquidgrain

Recently I discovered this thing called Bullet Journaling, and although I'm super late to the party for this I fell in love with the whole concept and thought I would give you a little introduction to my minimalist Bullet Journal. 

A Fun Fact About St Andrews

Today I have a little fun fact about St Andrews for you.... 

Casual Bomber Jacket

casual bomber jacket look liquidgrain liquid grain blog

Well hello, what do we have here?  It's a little look!  It's been a while, but I've been digging this casual bomber jacket so I thought I would show you it! 

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Marseilles Photo Diary

Finally I'm starting to get around to posting some pictures and posts from my trip to the South of France with my mum in May!  First up is a little (albeit heavy) photo diary from Marseilles.  

Penguin F Scott Fitzgerald Hardback Collection Haul & Review

liquid grain liquidgrain f scott fitzgerald penguin hardback classics

Check out these good looking books!  These are the Penguin F Scott Fitzgerald Hardback Collection - a set of seven gorgeous F Scott Fitzgerald books in complementary art deco themed covers.  

You might have seen these on my instagram a few months ago, but I never got the chance to fully talk about them, so here it is now!

Crazy Dachshund Lady

You know how I am a crazy dachshund lady (no shame, no judgement) and I have noticed that a common theme within us dachshund owners is that we are suckers to items with dachshunds on them!

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5 Things I Need To Buy For My Blog Right Now

This post is kind of an odd one, it's a list of 5 things I need to buy for my blog right now.  And this isn't just a filler list of five items that I would quite like to buy right now.  This is actually five items that I need and that would straight up improve my blog significantly right now. 

How Do I Make Money From Blogging - Affiliate Links, Brand Collaborations, etc.

It seems a little crazy the amount of opportunities that are coming to bloggers these days- from books to make up lines- and although I am not receiving anything in this league I do work with brands on occasion.  So I wanted to write this post to be completely transparent with my readers, as well as complying with the law on how I make money from my blog!  

How To Use Farm Land In Lookbooks and Outfit Photographs

Tis the season for bloggers to flock to the countryside and take photos of their pretty outfits in the countryside.  And often that means heading to farmed or agricultural land...  Whilst these photos look lovely, there is ramifications to marching into a field of crops and prancing around like a forest pixie in it!  

So here is my quick guide on how to shoot outfit posts, lookbooks and photos in farm lands, and on behalf of us country folk- thanks for bearing it in mind before hitting the land!