5 Things I Need To Buy For My Blog Right Now

This post is kind of an odd one, it's a list of 5 things I need to buy for my blog right now.  And this isn't just a filler list of five items that I would quite like to buy right now.  This is actually five items that I need and that would straight up improve my blog significantly right now. 
It's funny because these aren't items that are either particularity expensive, nor have I only just discovered them recently.  Most of these items, in fact I know I have needed for a long time and I have been putting off, but the longer I leave it the more I realise I need it!  For example, I have only just acquired a tripod (by stealing it from Matty) after suffering without one for a long, long time for my YouTube channel!

1 - GorillaPod 
Now I am doing more on the go vlogging I really want a GorillaPod to stabilise and widen my shots!  Plus the bendy legs mean you can fix it in place pretty much anywhere! 

The cheapest place seems to be Amazon, here for the SLR version- which is the one I would want to get the extra length. 
2 - External Hard Drive
I am the worst- I have ALL my photos and videos on my laptop.  It is killing it, I know.  I need to buy an external hard drive ASAP. 

Such as this one.
3 - Blog Photo Backgrounds
Ever since learning that you can pick up wallpaper and floor samples for cheap to use for blog backgrounds I keep meaning to pick some up!  At only £2 a pop you can pick up a couple of samples to have a choice in backgrounds.  

My favourites are: 
- this tile effect sample, here. 
- I love the rustic, beach house vibe of this one.
- this minimalistic one, here.
4 - Lights
I have managed to get away with only using natural light this year, as my flat is in a converted mill and full of light!  Plus I am a student so I can film during the day, since I am starting work in September like a grown up I need to get some artificial light. 

I don't know anything about lights but I am currently leaning towards starting with a ring light, such as this one, before getting some soft boxes such as these
5 - Extra Batteries
I really need to buy some spare batteries for my Canon G7X (great camera by the way, read my bloggers review here).  It's really frustrating to run out of charge out and about.  Plus they aren't too expensive, and the reviews seem good on this one

See, I told you these were nothing special!  But I am going to have to bite the bullet and spend some cash soon!


  1. Blog photo backgrounds are such a simple hack! I need to remind myself to pick up some samples!

    Love Jen,
    Velvet Spring | Beauty Lifestyle and Fashion

    1. And they make such a difference to your photos so I must buy them too!

  2. I need to get some lights as well as some background options. Those two never hurt. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲


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